WhosOnLocation Calendar Integration
February 13, 2017 0

Feature update – time to integrate – pre-register guests

Posted by:Erin Brown

We’ve just rolled out our awesome new Integrations Platform. This is the start of some great new capabilities within the WhosOnLocation app, as we work toward providing the most seamless approach to visitor management possible for our customers and their visitors. Calendar Invites The first integration released on this platform is Calendar Invites. This lets…

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visitor, employee and service provider movements processed by WhosOnLocation in 2016
February 3, 2017 0

WhosOnLocation visitor management software 2016 by the numbers

Posted by:Erin Brown

Here at WhosOnLocation 2016 was definitely the busiest year yet, and we loved every minute of it! Together our team increased the safety and security of thousands of businesses, and millions of staff, visitors, service providers/contractors around the world. Our customer support team was on fire in 2016 as the compliments came in as quick…

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Looking to the sky through lobby roof
January 24, 2017 0

Why the lobby will be extinct soon and other future predictions

Posted by:Erin Brown

Recently we had the opportunity to discuss all things future with Morris Miselowski, a global, full-stack, business futurist… Morris shared his thoughts on the future, innovation, artificial intelligence, what place lobby rooms will have in times to come, and using augmented reality to improve Health & Safety training with us. Here’s what he had to…

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December 7, 2016 0

Telling it like it is @FounderConNZ

Posted by:admin

I took part in an exciting event last week – the first ever FounderConNZ – a collective voice for NZ business founders. Held at the always wonderful PreFab café where owner/operator Bridget roams the floor and directs her team to ‘serve’ the troops; the scene is alive with anticipation. So, what’s the outtake from me…

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Earthquake building evacuated
December 1, 2016 0

Earthquake building evacuation plans – what everyone should know

Posted by:Erin Brown

At WhosOnLocation we want everyone to know that there is a safer way to do building evacuation – that is, by using the latest visitor management technology. The recent earthquakes to hit New Zealand and Japan serve us all a reminder that businesses should run their building evacuation processes in the most efficient, yet safest…

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