Site induction series – 2. Why you should run your inductions off-site

Posted by:Erin Brown

When you induct new or returning employees, contractors and visitors do you always run the induction on-site, or do you give the inductee the option to do their learning off-site? The way you deliver your inductions will depend on various factors like the number of people being inducted, the size of your workplace and the complexity…

App Updates – worry-free package deliveries

Posted by:Erin Brown

Our new Deliveries feature makes life easier for anyone dropping off or collecting deliveries at your location. Delivery agents can now use your kiosk or talk to the Sign-in/Out Manager to log a delivery, then send an automatic notification to the recipient for collection. Also in this release are new Triggers for auto signing people in and out,…

Getting internal comms right at a fast-paced, high-growth, tech company

Posted by:Erin Brown

How do you get it right? At our tech company we nail it by doing our internal comms with passion, for productivity, and to reach our potential – and @WhosOnLocation a lot of this communication is happening on #Slack. Our team operates in a high-velocity environment. Anyone familiar a high-growth tech scaleup scene will know about the huge…

Feature update – time to integrate – pre-register guests

Posted by:Erin Brown

We’ve just rolled out our awesome new Integrations Platform. This is the start of some great new capabilities within the WhosOnLocation app, as we work toward providing the most seamless approach to visitor management possible for our customers and their visitors. Calendar Invites The first integration released on this platform is Calendar Invites. This lets…

Why the lobby will be extinct soon and other future predictions

Posted by:Erin Brown

Recently we had the opportunity to discuss all things future with Morris Miselowski, a global, full-stack, business futurist… Morris shared his thoughts on the future, innovation, artificial intelligence, what place lobby rooms will have in times to come, and using augmented reality to improve Health & Safety training with us. Here’s what he had to…

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