Protect the people and places that power your organization

Featuring contact tracing and touchless visitor management.

People Presence Management Devices
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Track the flow of people through sites and zones.

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Secure your site

Track who signs in and out and keep a historical record of site visits.

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Get valuable insights

Be empowered to make data-driven decisions based on valuable people presence insights.

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Keep people safe

Ensure all visitors, employees and contractors have completed the relevant safety procedures.

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Be compliant

Comply with health and safety regulations and protect all those in your duty of care.

More ways to sign in touch-free

Reduce the number of touchpoints for employees, service providers and visitors with hygienic, touchless sign in

Use WhosOnLocation to manage everything in one place.


A comprehensive solution to manage everything from visitor identity, pre-registrations, visitor policy awareness, security alerts, or car park occupancy.


Manage employees profiles, permissions and presence to support your site security, backed with powerful reporting and insight.

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Manage attendance, hazard notice compliance and induction management across multiple facilities. All backed with powerful reporting and insight.


Account for everyone on-site in a emergency with manual roll calls, self-verify, collaboration and insight, mustering and evacuation reports.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes.

“Nice clean user interface which is easy for everyone to use. New features coming out every month with great business user feedback. Lots of hardware support options for kiosks and printers. Speedy and helpful support responses by knowledgeable staff.”

-Nick Operations Engineer, Computer Concepts

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