Protect the people and places that power your organization.

Keep employees, visitors, and contractors safe and secure with touchless sign in, contact tracing, wellness checks, and more when working on and off-site.

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Manage all people types in one subscription.



A comprehensive solution to manage everything from visitor identity, pre-registrations, touchless sign in, contact tracing, visitor policy awareness, or security alerts.
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Manage contractors' attendance, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across multiple facilities. All backed with powerful reporting and insight.
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Manage employee profiles, permissions, and presence to support your site security. Use WolMobile for an easy, no-touch sign in to track who is on and off-site and those working alone.
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Account for everyone on-site in an emergency with manual roll calls, self-verify, collaboration and insight, mustering and evacuation reports.
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Use WhosOnLocation to manage everything in one place.

Why thousands of businesses use WhosOnLocation

Look beyond the sign-in capabilities of traditional visitor management.

WhosOnLocation offers your organization a comprehensive approach to people presence management. Screen, and track the flow of visitors, contractors, and employees through various touchpoints and across multiple facilities or work sites.

Our comprehensive approach will strengthen your security, aid compliance, and arm you with rich operational data with our extensive feature set which is fully customizable and can serve to meet your complex security needs.

Transforming your organization into a more secure, connected, and efficient environment, today.


Streamline your role with WhosOnLocation

Facility management

Keep your facilities secure by limiting access to only authorized and qualified employees, visitors, and contractors. Organize and streamline your contractor management so that you can conduct more efficient operations, choose the most reliable and qualified contractors, and monitor their time spent on-site. Learn more.

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Health & safety management

Reduce the risk presented by unauthorized guests or intruders by using our software to screen employees, visitors, and contractors. Verify that guests and employees are allowed on-site, have completed your health check screening, and have been properly onboarded. Giving you more time to tackle the big stuff. Automate the bottom line to make sure processes are streamlined, documents are up to date and people are accounted for. Learn more.

Information technology

When you’re tasked with finding a visitor management system suitable for your organization, doing the research can be overwhelming. With WhosOnLocation you can secure your businesses’ intellectual property by managing access to your facilities and keeping your data secure. Instead of using physical records of visitor or contractor information that can easily be stolen or lost, your WhosOnLocation data is securely hosted.
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Security management

Customize and control access right across one or multiple locations for more comprehensive physical security. Ensure only those who are authorized to enter a facility, worksite, or specific work zone are allowed. Restrict access, conduct background checks, complete health screening, manage insurance, and provide onboarding. Learn more.

Front of house management

Streamline your check in process and offer the best customer experience to your visitors and contractors. WhosOnLocation offers features to limit touchpoints and ensure those who do not meet your on-site requirements are denied access. Backed with comprehensive reporting to support your operational and management decisions. Find out more.

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Schneider Electric
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Nice clean user interface which is easy for everyone to use. New features coming out every month with great business user feedback. Lots of hardware support options for kiosks and printers. Speedy and helpful support responses by knowledgeable staff.


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