3 Ways to make your reception safe and welcoming


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May 24, 2019

A busy reception with employees, contractors, visitors, and deliveries passing through can quickly become chaotic – and a chaotic environment can quickly become unsafe. Whether you have a full team of front-of-house staff or a small, unmanned reception area, here are some simple ways to make your reception a calm, welcoming and safe environment.

1. Remove the language barrier

As the world of business becomes more international, the need to communicate clearly is more important than ever.  Whether your facility is a manufacturing plant, a construction site or a small office, the chances are you’ll welcome employees, contractors or visitors from overseas at one stage or another.

The use of a multi-language guest sign-in/out system like WhosOnLocation can improve safety in your workplace by ensuring clear communication. Depending on why your guests are visiting, they could be asked to read and answer a number of questions, be made aware of on-site risks, complete an induction and/or sign an NDA to ensure their safety while on-site.

It’s important that any information you are asking a guest to read, understand and sign is properly answered and understood. Your Security or Health & Safety Team is responsible for ensuring policies and procedures are followed by everyone on-site, so remove the language barrier and induct your visitors in their native language.

Multi-language is especially helpful if you have a small, unmanned reception area. Visitors signing in through your self-serve Kiosk can easily switch between your default language and any of the other languages without the need of front-of-house staff to guide them through the sign-in/out process.

WhosOnLocation Multi-Language feature offers 11 different languages for signing in via a self-service Kiosk or with the front-of-house team

2. Create a welcoming space

Keep the front desk looking professional and tidy by digitizing your processes and keeping traditional ‘paperwork’ to a minimum (or removing it altogether). A well-organized, digital filing system can help your front-of-house stay efficient (and tidy!).

With multiple deliveries passing through a reception daily, it’s important to ensure mail doesn’t clutter the front desk or pose a trip hazard for your employees and guests. A system that allows your delivery agents to sign in packages is a game changer for front-of-house teams.

A good delivery system will:

  • Allow the delivery agent to register the delivery via a self-serve kiosk, leave it in a designated area and be in and out of your organization quickly
  • Automatically alert the recipient that a delivery is ready to collect
  • Help prevent deliveries from building up in the guest waiting area
  • Free your front-of-house team to focus on other tasks.

3. Pre-register guests

Pre-registering guests is a great way to help your front-of-house team manage their time, and create a fantastic visitor experience for your guests.

Empowering your team to pre-register their own guests when arranging and sending a meeting invite allows the front-of-house team to prepare for visitors in advance, pre-printing visitor badges, organizing parking or keys and equipment needed while on-site.  

Your front-of-house team are not the only ones who are empowered with the right information when pre-registering a guest; so are your guests. When pre-registering a guest, you can also send a pre-meeting email, including:

  • Google maps showing the location
  • Nearby or on-site parking options  
  • Where to find the nearest cafe
  • Where to go when they arrive on-site
  • QR code for ease of signing in at an unmanned reception

WhosOnLocation has an extensive list of features with each subscription; including multi-language, deliveries and guest pre-registration. Give your front-of-house team the tools they need to make the best customer experience and ensuring your guests have all the information they need up front.  

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