7 Reasons Front Desk Staff Need Visitor Management Sign-In Software


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August 14, 2017

Sign-in books are on the out and visitor management software is taking over! And a lot of the time, front desk staff are the first to embrace it.

Some organizations have very busy reception areas, with dozens of visitors a day (or more). Visitor management software means front desk staff can continue with their job, while being available to assist anyone where necessary.

Here are the top 7 reasons why receptionists and front desk staff need visitor management sign-in software:

1. Receptionists can see a visitor’s details as soon as they have completed sign-in

Front desk staff can see who’s signed in and all their essential details. If there’s something unusual about their sign-in, front desk staff will be able to see (discreetly) that a ‘red flag’ alert has been triggered.

If any visitors have been pre-registered, they can see who they are, who they’re meeting, and when they are expected to arrive.

“I like the fact that once they have signed in I can look on my screen and know their name, company and who they are visiting”
– Anthony, Director of First Impressions

2. It eliminates illegible responses

How many times do receptionists have to decode form responses and sign-in details that look like this?

Scribbled writing

The answer is: a lot.

With front desk sign-in software, front desk staff no longer need to waste time trying to decipher illegible handwriting. What’s more, you can save visitors’ responses for next time to make the process even faster for visitors when they come back for another visit.

3. Required fields have to be filled out before completing sign-in

Have you ever had a situation where a visitor hands back a pile of forms, and you realise later that some of the ‘required’ fields haven’t been completed? With front desk sign-in software, your visitors can’t complete sign-in until all the required fields have been filled in. You’ll get all the info you need every time, and your visitor reporting will be much more accurate too.

4. An SMS or email is sent to the host notifying them of the visitor’s arrival

With front desk sign-in software, you can set up notifications for hosts. So when a visitor is meant to be meeting someone, the host will get an SMS or email alerting them that the visitor has signed in.

“I love that a text is sent, enabling me to get on with my job rather than trying to ring the person they are visiting”
April, Customer Service Assistant

5. No more mucking around with spreadsheet visitor tracking and reporting

Reporting on visitor, contractor and employee sign ins should not be a matter of having to trawl through multiple spreadsheets. With front desk sign-in software, you can pull reports with the click of a button – including being able to tell who is on-site at any given time.

6. Queues are a breeze

Do your visitors have to go through quite a lengthy sign-in process at reception? Do you sometimes have multiple people waiting in line to sign-in?

With front desk sign-in software, you can have one or more kiosks set up for people to sign-in. Visitors can easily go through the sign-in questions and receive instructions for their next steps, making the sign-in process much faster. Front desk staff can be available to greet, assist or answer any questions while visitors sign-in.

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7. It’s got a built-in panic alarm

If for any reason a front desk staff member feels unsafe, visitor management software such as WhosOnLocation has an easily-accessible panic button. This can be activated either from their computer or the sign-in kiosk. The panic button triggers a request for immediate help, and can be sent to security staff or other nominated response people.

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