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Accounting for the safety of everyone: Is it possible with a paper-based visitor management system?

Posted by:Sophia Hickman onOctober 15, 2019

The safety of everyone on-site is the most important part of your role as a facility manager, which becomes difficult if you don’t have the right resources available to you at a moment’s notice. If you are still using a paper-based book you have the potential to breach regulatory requirements, particularly when it comes to accounting for and verifying the safety of everyone on-site in an emergency. 

Compliance, safety, and technology

As a facility manager, you will know that you need to comply with regulations to account for the safety of those on-site. While the exact regulatory requirements vary from country to country, one thing remains globally consistent; the need to have processes and procedures in place to account for employees, visitors, and contractors in an emergency event. 

WhosOnLocation was born out of an evacuation event unable to be properly managed with a paper-based visitor book. The book was left inside the building as they were evacuating, leaving those responsible for the evacuation unable to verify the safety and security of everyone on-site. In a modern digital workplace, this occurrence is more widely spread than you would think. 

A paper-based system works, however, you are at risk of not being able to account for those on-site which results in your organization violating safety regulations and or someone losing a life. It’s time for a 21st-century digital solution. 

Benefits of an electronic system 

How can you possibly account for employees, visitors, contractors or anyone on-site if you don’t know who they are or where they are located?  This is where a well-implemented electronic visitor management system is capable of delivering numerous benefits to your business.


You’ll instantly see an increase in the accuracy of the data gained and maintained when using an electronic system. Your visitors can be made aware of on-site rules, sign NDA’s and scan photo ID for a further layer of security ensuring only those allowed on-site gain entry. 


With all visitor information stored electronically, you’ll be able to search, sort, analyze and retrieve data easily and quickly. These reports will give you access to information on who has signed in/out, who they were visiting and time spent on-site to name just a few data points. You’ll be able to easily access information during an emergency event.  


Your visitors can sign-in themselves via a self-service kiosk or be signed in by your front-of-house team. The host is instantly notified of their arrival via email, SMS or push notifications. Ensuring a faster sign-in process for both your visitors and the front-of-house team.

Appropriate identification

To ensure that no unauthenticated visitors are on-site, electronic visitor management can be connected to a printer to issue temporary badges to visitors with the visitor’s photograph and watch lists ensure unwanted guests are not granted access. 

Reduces overhead costs

By switching to an electronic visitor management system you can free up your front-of-house team creating cost saving in time and increasing productivity levels. An electronic system can easily scale with your growth and provide incredible value, in the long run, making it a more feasible, safe and secure alternative than a paper-based system. 

Want to see how a well-implemented electronic visitor management system like WhosOnLocation could work for your organization? Take a 30 day free trial today!


About WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation provides people presence management software that monitors the safe and secure movement of people through buildings and work sites. Our powerful, cloud-based solution unites visitor, contractor, employee, and emergency management, enabling organizations to secure their facilities and ensure the safety of every person on-site.

Armed with a rich, unified source of people presence information, our users are empowered to make more strategic, data-driven decisions that mitigate risk, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations.

WhosOnLocation serves organizations in 35 countries around the world, protecting billions of dollars in assets and IP, and managing over 20 million secure movements through over 2500 facilities each year.

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