New WhosOnLocation Tool - Panic Alarm for receptionists
March 21, 2017 0

App Updates – keeping your staff safe with a Panic Alarm

Posted by:Erin Brown onMarch 21, 2017

Do you worry about the well-being of your frontline staff?

We’ve just released a Panic Alarm which when activated will alert security or other nominees to a high-risk situation in your reception area or lobby.

You can access the Panic Alarm from our new Actions Tab.

You can also now have visitors confirm Acknowledgement Notices and display these notices to any visitor, employee, or contractor when they sign-out and/or as well as when they sign-in.


Panic Alarm


From time to time your receptionist may need to, for whatever reason, deal with a disgruntled visitor or member of the general public.

If your frontline staff or those at the reception or lobby need to alert someone of a high-risk situation can they do so quickly and discreetly?

Now, they can trigger a Panic Alarm from within the WhosOnLocation app – at their desktop, or by tapping the corners of a kiosk.

With Panic Alarm, you can choose who should be alerted when the alarm is set off and how – to get help to anyone who needs it as quickly as possible.


Using Your Panic Alarm


Panic Alarm button in WhosOnLocation App - Also Online Summary

There’s a new icon at the top right of the Sign In/Out Manager screen.

This icon will present a menu of apps or widgets.

The first available are Panic Alarm and On-Site Summary.

Give Visitors Acknowledgement Notices


Acknowledgement Notices for Visitors highlightedDo you have a specific hazard or information relating to your organization’s visitor policy you need acknowledged before people are allowed on-site?

Now you can alert your visitors to a specific notice they need to acknowledge (maybe a hazard that happened that day or a planned event like a fire drill).

New Area/Zone Trigger Placeholders


Area Zone Action on TriggerNow you can notify whoever you need to when people sign-in and out of specific areas or zones with our new ‘Area/Zone signed into’ Trigger action options.

Duration On-Site Trigger


Trigger Sign-Out Overdue in WhosOnLocation App Set-up screenGet an SMS if someone is overdue to sign-out, or automatically send an email to the Security Manager if someone is more than half an hour late to sign-out.

You can now set-up triggers based on the time on-site a visitor, employee, or service provider selects when they sign-in.

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