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April 4, 2017 0

App Updates – worry-free package deliveries

Posted by:Erin Brown onApril 4, 2017

Our new Deliveries feature makes life easier for anyone dropping off or collecting deliveries at your location.

Delivery agents can now use your kiosk or talk to the Sign-in/Out Manager to log a delivery, then send an automatic notification to the recipient for collection.

Also in this release are new Triggers for auto signing people in and out, with the ability to clone a trigger to as many locations as you want at once.


Deliveries button on WhosOnLocation ipad

Do parcels sit unclaimed for days in your lobby or does your package delivery system take up unnecessary staff time it shouldn’t?

Now anyone dropping off a delivery (package, catering, event supplies) to your site can use your WhosOnLocation kiosk to log that delivery and alert the person who needs to know when it’s arrived.

Find out how to set-up and customize your Deliveries today.

Auto sign in/out Triggers

Sign groups in and out using Sign In/Out TriggerUse this trigger to automatically sign people in and out of your site based on your needs. 

For example, you can choose to set up a trigger that signs ‘all employees’ out after security have done their rounds in the evening.

Other Enhancements

iPad print to brother printer using IP address

Cloning Triggers 

Clone triggers to as many locations as you need at once.

‘New Employee’ status

Get visibility when new employees have activated their WhosOnLocation profile but haven’t yet signed in.

/Out kiosk notifications

There’s now one main tab to change the settings for your Status Notifications, Badge Pass Notifications, and Panic Alarm Notifications.

iPad printing using IP address

Print from an iPad to a Brother printer using an IP Address.

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