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Having the ability to access your WhosOnLocation account on the move ensures you can manage, and protect your organization no matter your location.

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Manage attendance by knowing who is on and off-site.

WolMobile is a simple way to track the presence of employees or contractors. Whether you need to account for people in the event of an emergency, or simply track attendance, it all starts with knowing who is on and off-site.

Using WolMobile, give your people a fast and easy way to sign in and out of locations, send their location to WhosOnLocation, and receive Push Notifications if a visitor or contractor has arrived on-site.


and Sign-Out

Employees and contractors can sign in and out of any location they have access to. When signing in, employees will be presented with any basic questions and acknowledgement notices that are enabled for the location.

Geolocation Tracking

Track employee and contractor locations when signing in/out, and for the duration of their time on-site using WolMobile GeoLocation tracker. Report on the most recently-recorded GeoLocation status for all employees, service providers and assets.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive Push Notifications straight to your mobile when visitors and or service providers arrive on-site.


Screen all site visitors and verify their identity.

WolScan adds a further layer of security to the way you greet, manage and maintain your on-site security. Using the app, you can automatically capture visitors’ information by simply scanning their passport, driver’s license or generic photo ID information at sign-in.

WolScan will extract all the information from the following ID types and store in your WhosOnLocation account:

  • Passport (all countries)
  • Drivers license from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand

You can also scan generic photo IDs. The photo will be automatically stored in your WhosOnLocation account, and you have the option to enter any other details from the photo ID that need to be retained.


Validate Identity

Always ensure those you are allowing into your organization or worksite are who they say they are by validating their identity with photo ID scanning.

Increase Productivity

You’re front of house and security teams can streamline the sign in/out process during busy times, by scanning visitor photo ID rather than having to enter the visitors details manually.

Information Retention

Choose how long you retain photo ID information. Regular visitors’ information can be remembered for a set period, allowing smooth and fast sign-in for great customer experience.

Increase Site Security

Adding photo ID capture to your visitor security procedure adds an added layer of site security, giving you protection and peace of mind.

We take security seriously.

Security is paramount when scanning and storing visitors’ information. With WolScan, your visitor data is processed on the device (not via a third-party server) before being securely transmitted directly to your WhosOnLocation account, ensuring no data leaves WhosOnLocation.

WolScan is a paid add-on, for pricing click here.


In an emergency, correct people presence data is critical.

To keep your people safe in an emergency, incident or evacuation, you need to know whether they’re on or off-site, and you need to be able to verify their safety quickly.

Keep those on-site informed, and give first responders critical information about who cannot be accounted for before they put their lives at risk with WolEvac.

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Mustering Report

Gain real-time visibility of your employees and guests who are on-site during an evacuation without requiring badge swipes or manual checklists.

Manual Roll-Call

Wardens and Marshals can verify the safety of employees and guests by performing a roll-call and then using WolEvac to remove those who are verified safe.

Self-Verify Roll-Call

Activate the SMS Verify feature to request employees and guests respond via SMS that they are ‘Safe’. All ‘Safe’ received responses are updated in the WolEvac.

Post-Evacuation Reports

View key performance metrics and data required in a post-incident review and gain valuable insights into your organization’s efficiency at clearing zones and verifying the safety of its people.


When multiple wardens (or marshals) are verifying people as safe, the list in WolEvac is updated in real-time. Wardens can use WolEvac to chat and ensure requests for help are being attended to.


Easily keep track of your employee and contractor movements.

WolGuard ensures your organization is safe and secure, and that those entering it are authorized to be on-site.

The app gives your guards or security personnel information about the people signing in and out of your locations and between zones.

Using WolGuard you:

  • Know who is on- and off-site, which zone they are in, and which access point they have entered and exited through
  • Work on or offline depending on where your Guard or Security Team are located
  • Easily scan employees and contractors into and out of your location
  • Who is moving between locations and zones

WolGuard is a paid add-on, for pricing click here.

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