Clemenger Group's WhosOnLocation Sign-In Kiosk

Behind the scenes: Building the dark kiosk theme for Clemenger Group


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September 20, 2017

We love getting feature requests at WhosOnLocation; they help us get a better understanding of how our customers are using WhosOnLocation for their everyday use, and how we can improve their experience.

We especially love it when a feature request comes with a new challenge (*ahem* an opportunity to show off our creative flair).

So when Clemenger Group requested the option to switch to a ‘dark’ theme for their kiosks, the dev team got pretty excited.

Being able to have ‘dark’ themed kiosks was important to Clemenger Group because a number of their agency logos contained color schemes that require black backgrounds.

Early trials of the kiosks revealed that using the standard white background kiosk just didn’t look right, and affected the sign-in experience.

Clemenger Group was set on using WhosOnLocation, so they decided to place a request for the feature, rather than switching to another visitor management solution.

“Aside from the initial recommendation, we found WhosOnLocation delivered a number of key requirements that other competitors couldn’t match (and believe us, we looked). For example, a powerful Active Directory user sync was an absolute must for us.”

We got in touch with Clemenger Group to discuss the feature more, and spent some time working out the specific requirements and further development details. Then, working to Clemenger Group’s launch deadline, we custom-built the new kiosk theme.

We talked to Clemenger Group after they had installed the theme to see if they were happy with the result.

How did you find it working with WhosOnLocation?

“It was fantastic – the team at WhosOnLocation certainly saw the value our suggestion brought. Patrick regularly updated us during the development phase (including a pre-release session) and the release was all delivered on time. This was especially important to us as a number of our locations depended on the dark theme for launch.”

Does the final theme look good with your branding?

“We think it looks amazing! The other accompanying colours of the buttons etc. complement the overall look really well.”

Clemenger Group use WhosOnLocation across four sites (three in Auckland and one in Wellington, New Zealand). Each site has its own specific requirements on health and safety, user experience and branding.

WhosOnLocation allows Clemenger Group to set a foundation ‘feel’ across all of their kiosks, while giving them the ability to tweak settings as required for each individual location. This makes it very flexible for their current focus on visitor and employee management.

Wondering what happens once you submit a feature request with WhosOnLocation? Here’s how it works…

  1. A customer sends in a request for a feature or improvement
  2. We gather more specific information on what they require
  3. This feedback is passed on to the development team for discussion on if and how it can be implemented
  4. If request is accepted, we let the customer know and add it to our prioritized feature development list
  5. If more customers request the same feature it is moved up in prioritization
  6. When it is added to the development schedule, we create specific requirements for the feature based on the customer’s needs and how our system works
  7. It is then developed, reviewed, adjusted, tested, fixed, documented, and released

Do you have an idea for a feature? If you’re a customer, or thinking about using WhosOnLocation but need something extra before you commit, request a feature here.