Safer Schools for Carlisle Area School District

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Visitor management

The Carlisle Area School District is a mid-sized public school district. They needed a solution to replace their paper-sign in sheets at their schools and administration buildings. They wanted to find a solution to problems they had been having of visitor’s privacy (current visitors could see others in their paper sign-in book) and illegible writing in their current pen and paper system.

The ease of system use, the many benefits and features included in pricing, and the technical support of WhosOnLocation is world class.

Stephanie Douglas,
Director of Technology and Learning, Carlisle Area School District

Key Challenges

The Carlisle Area School District wanted a cloud based a visitor management system, both to stay up to date current technology, and to make the visitor sign-in process faster, given the high number of visitors to their administration buildings and schools.

Carlisle Area School District needed to:

  • Make sure none of their 100+ a week visitors were kept waiting for their appointments
  • Replace their paper sign-in form where visitors signed themselves in, often with illegible handwriting
  • Sign-in multiple visitors quickly
  • Let staff know when their visitors have arrived on-site
  • Find a cloud-based system that was easy to implement

Carlisle Area School District logo C.A.S.D

School Profile

The Carlisle Area School District is a mid-sized suburban, public school district in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

There are seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and a comprehensive high school with a center for careers and technology. Combined they offer a well rounded educational experience for students. The administration office hosts a wide array of visitors from community connections, other district colleagues, students, parents and employees.

Carlisle High School sign Carlisle Area School District Sign-in kiosk

Our district is a leader in the use of technology and WOL helps us to ensure efficiencies in daily operations and emergency/evacuation preparedness.

Holly Miller,
Secretary, Carlisle Area School District


How WhosOnLocation Helped

The Carlisle Area School District chose to use WhosOnLocation as their visitor management system after reviewing the product online and comparing it to several other software solutions.

Using WhosOnLocation the school District can now:

  • Quickly sign-in multiple visitors through their reception, or self-service WhosOnLocation Kiosk
  • Easily notify hosts when their visitors have arrived using Visitor Arrival Alerts
  • Let hosts pre-register guests, making sign-in faster and more efficient, using WhosOnLocation’s Pre-registration Tools
  • Have all of their people presence records in the cloud leaving data secure
  • Have an accurate and legible time, date and name stamp of anyone who’s been on-site and see who’s on-site at any time using Dashboard
  • Keep a digital record of frequent visitors to increase personalization and allow easy access through Visitor Reporting
  • Ensure every visitor signs in so they have a real-time record of who’s in the building for Evacuation Management
  • Report on who is in the building in an emergency or evacuation event (real or drill) and make sure they are accounted for, using WolEvac Evacuation Management
  • Quickly access technical support from the WhosOnLocation Customer Support team.

Ease of use, printing of visitor labels, evacuation management and privacy are the key defining factors for us continuing to implement this system throughout our school district.

Holly Miller,
Secretary, Carlisle Area School District

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