Easier Contractor & Visitor Management for Packaging Manufacturer Zacpac

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Contractor management

ZACPAC were using paper-sign in books and a paper based induction program at their packaging facilities. This made contractor management in particular very difficult. They needed to find a system that wasn’t time consuming to set-up or maintain, which could manage contractors, visitors and employees at their facilities. They also needed to make sure the information they were collecting from visitors and contractors on site was being collected properly, effectively and efficiently to make sure they were compliant with safety regulations.
ZACPAC were losing hours a day to people doing manual inductions that were then stored in a filing cabinet, which wasn’t much use to them.

After a review of WhosOnLocation ticked all our boxes, we found out it was low cost and could be implemented in days, which was great.

Mark Hallam – CIO, Projects Manager, ZACPAC

Key Challenges

Zacpac needed to:

  • Make sure every visitor and contractor coming on-site has been inducted, has the right qualifications and insurances
  • Ensure they were compliant with Australian Health and Safety regulations
  • Use a system that didn’t take up too much staff time
  • Replace their paper sign-in form and induction paperwork
  • Sign-in multiple contractors and visitors quickly
  • Let staff handle the day to day running of the system

I like that we could set it up and essentially forget it, as it just works.

Company Profile

Globally Competitive Australian Packaging Solutions Zacpac has the drive required to succeed in today’s Australian packaging industry while maintaining the ethics and focus to build long-term, loyal relationships with customers and packaging suppliers alike

Zacpac offers sustainable and innovative packaging solutions and partnerships to its customers built on service, reliability, trust and excellence.

Zacpac is an independently owned and family run business which is the culmination of more than 70 years in the paper and Australian packaging industry.

John Zac is the Managing Director and heads up a dynamic management team. John took over the running of the company in early 2015 when his father and founder Mr. Ed Zac sadly passed away.


The future roadmap of features to come really appealed to us, things like the Induction Module for contractors.


How WhosOnLocation Helped

ZacPac chose to use WhosOnLocation as their visitor, contractor  and service provider management system after reviewing the product online. They then ran a free trial where they could see how well WhosOnLocation worked at their manufacturing plant. 

Using WhosOnLocation can now:

  • Quickly sign-in and induct multiple contractors and visitors through their reception, or self-service WhosOnLocation Kiosk
  • Make sure all contractors and service providers have been correctly inducted through the WOL Induction Management tool
  • Audit those contractor inductions using Induction Reporting
  • Ensure all service providers qualifications are logged and up to date with Qualifications Management
  • Pre-register guests and contractors, making sign-in faster and more efficient, using WhosOnLocation’s Pre-registration Tools
  • Have all of their people presence records in the cloud leaving data secure
  • Have an accurate and legible time, date and name stamp of anyone who’s been on-site with Reporting, and see who’s on-site at any time using Dashboard
  • Ensure every contractor and visitor signs in to their plant, so they have a real-time record of who’s in the building for Evacuation Management
  • Have fast access to a high level of technical support from the WhosOnLocation Customer Support team.

Using WOL has helped to make sure we have a properly managed Visitor and Contractor system, to ensure we comply with legal requirements as well as make a safe working place for all visiting us.

Mark Hallam – CIO, Projects Manager, ZACPAC

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