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Top 4 technologies to help employees feel safe as they return to work

It is fair to say that lockdown in the UK has been a strange and testing time with over 35% of Brits doing some form of working from home. However, with lockdown restrictions easing since 19 July 2021 people are starting to return to their workplaces, but with this comes a big challenge that businesses face in adapting office environments to a different way of working.  

But with over five million people fearing returning to work what will this look like? Without a doubt, there will be plenty of new safety protocols involving strict personal hygiene and physical distancing, but how do we make this transition as simple and as safe as possible?  

As employers, we are all navigating a different territory. The workplace we left many months ago is unlikely to be the same when we return. We haven’t experienced anything like this before, most organizations don’t have plans in place on how to return to the workplace and if they do, they haven’t been tested and in these unprecedented times the reality is likely to be very different.

Using technology to keep your employees safe

Companies across the UK face so many challenges when it comes to opening their offices again, it can be hard to know the best way to ensure employee welfare is maintained.  We’ve pulled together the top 4 features to look out for in any people presence software:

Employee and guest screening

Screening all employees and guests before they come on-site ensures only those that meet your on-site criteria are granted access. Giving you and your employees confidence that only those people who meet your organizations wellness criteria are able to gain access.

It’s also incredibly beneficial to get alerted when you encounter a person who does not meet your criteria so they can be added to a watchlist and automatically denied should they attempt to gain access.

Touchless sign in/out

The less surfaces we all touch in the workplace the better for slowing the spread of germs. Ensure your software has the option for employees and guests to enter and exit your location using a touchless kiosk, QR code poster, mobile app or via the front of house team. These systems reduce health risks, improve overall hygiene, and create peace of mind for anyone entering or exiting your organization.

On-site policy acknowledgement

To maintain the highest level of hygiene for your employees and guests. Having the ability to ask everyone entering your location to read and acknowledge your onsite policies. This could be as simple as asking them to agree that they will use hand sanitiser or keep 2 meters from another person. Ensure that any question not answered correctly someone in your team can be notified and access to denied.

Limit numbers on-site

Automatically set the number of people allowed to be on-site at any one time rather than leaving it up to an individual. This feature removes the responsibility on the  front of house team or security team ensuring anyone attempting to gain access when on-site numbers are met are denied and one of your employees are notified. A great feature for managing on-site social distancing.

WhosOnLocation offers these and other features to help you keep your organization and those within it safe and secure. Click here to learn more.

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Safety trends in the construction industry

In November of last year, our sales executive James attended Facilities Integrate in Auckland, New Zealand. He had some interesting conversations with facilities managers – see this blog here – but he also caught up with those attending Build NZ to hear about construction safety trends. 

Construction safety trends

James, can you tell us a little more about the event? 

Sure. Our stand was at Facilities Integrate, but we neighboured the Build NZ show. Build NZ is the leading trade event for the build, construction and design industries. Both Build NZ and Facilities Integrate provide a great opportunity to network with peers in the same industry, try out the latest equipment and technologies and source the best suppliers. 

It was great to attend a non-virtual event and catch up with new and prospective customers in person! Especially after such a turbulent year. 

Did you notice any construction safety trends? 

There were a number of construction safety trends. First off, similar to the facilities managers I spoke to, there seems to be a real need for a flexible sign-in solution. I also had plenty of conversations around contractor management, and in particular, using software to strengthen safety processes. 

Could you tell us a little more about your conversations on a flexible sign-in solution? 

In the construction industry, one organization is likely to have a number of sites, all with different needs and requirements. Some sites might have great wifi, while others only have cell signal. Some could be outdoors and remote, while others are in high traffic areas. From my conversations at the event, customers need multiple ways to sign in across these locations. Sometimes, they even need multiple processes at one site. 

How can WhosOnLocation help with that? 

WhosOnLocation has 12 different ways to sign in – so there’s an option for every organization and every employee/contractor. From a smartphone app to a PC.

Which sign in methods are the most popular for construction sites? 

Our WolMobile app was built with construction sites in mind and is great for outdoor sites. Both employees and contractors can download this app to easily sign in and out, and view important site safety information. Using geofencing technology, you can even set the app to automatically sign everyone in and out. So there’s no longer a need to track down those who forgot to sign out.

Alternatively, a kiosk that includes a scanner is also a popular choice. Our customers often issue employees and contractors with access cards that can be scanned at the kiosk for quick and easy sign in. With WhosOnlocation, anything with a barcode can be used for this – loyalty cards, driving licenses, etc, for quick and easy implementation. 

You also mentioned software for safety came up a lot, can WolMobile help with that? 

Absolutely. For remote or hazardous work, employees and contractors can enable geolocation services within the app. This helps responders to locate them in an emergency. 

To make this feature even more powerful, we also offer an SOS alert function. This sends an instant alert to a designated safety contact within the organization. The alert includes contact details and the whereabouts of the individual who raised the alarm. 

Customers can also broadcast safety updates via instant messages. They can even ask employees and contractors to acknowledge safety notices before they sign into a location. 

You mentioned that contractor management was one of the key construction safety trends. Are there any other features besides WolMobile that can help with this? 

One of the construction security trends is around keeping contractors safe. The WhosOnLocation application boasts a whole range of contractor features. The most notable is our service provider portal. This is a game-changer for many customers. It allows contractor organizations to upload and maintain their own documentation, cutting down on serious admin time. 

Insurances, qualifications and inductions can all be uploaded to the portal. Customers can then enable alerts to remind them (and the contractor in question) if any of their documentation is expiring or up for renewal. 

To make these features even more powerful, customers can also configure their account to deny site access to anyone with expired or incomplete documentation. An alert is then sent to the relevant person to notify that a contractor has attempted to enter a site without the correct insurances/qualifications/inductions. 

New to WhosOnLocation? 

All features mentioned are available in a single subscription cost. Start your free trial today – no credit card required. 

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Learnings from Facilities Integrate

Just before the Christmas break, our sales executive James attended Facilities Integrate in Auckland, New Zealand. With most trade shows across the world canceled or postponed in 2020, we felt incredibly lucky to have an opportunity to attend a non-virtual event.

It was fantastic to meet with customers (both existing and prospective) in person, and catch up on the impact such a turbulent year has had on your businesses. 

We noticed a few common themes in the conversations we were having with attendees. In the midst of a pandemic, processes have had to change. We caught up with James to hear what his key takeaways from the event were.

Facilities Integrate

James, first off, can you tell us a little more about Facilities Integrate?

Facilities Integrate is a trade event specifically for facilities managers. It’s a great opportunity to network with peers in the same industry, try out the latest equipment and technologies, source the best suppliers and generally keep on top of what’s happening in the facilities space. I feel very lucky to have been able to talk to our customers in person again!

I’ll bet. When talking to the attendees, what did you notice was the biggest challenge facing facilities managers during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Contact tracing came up a lot. More specifically, facilities managers were looking for flexible solutions to make signing in as easy as possible for everyone. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of our customers understood the importance of signing in visitors. However, it was generally the high security or hazardous sites that were concerned with signing in employees and contractors, too. With the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s all changed. 

Now, every workplace has a responsibility to protect the health of those working in its duty of care. One of the most crucial ways to do this is through contact tracing. This means signing everyone in each day is more important than ever. Lots of the facilities managers were looking for easy ways to turn signing in and out into a habit for employees. 

How can WhosOnLocation help with that? 

WhosOnLocation offers an incredibly flexible platform with 12 different ways to sign in – so there’s something for every workplace, and every employee. We often find our customers will use a few different methods at one site, to make it as easy as possible for employees to remember to sign in. 

Which methods are the most popular?

Some employees prefer to download the WolMobile app on their smartphone and use the auto sign in/out feature. This is the most foolproof way of ensuring everyone on-site is accounted for. It uses geofencing technology to update on-site status. Employees and contractors don’t even need to lift a finger.

Others might prefer to sign in using a touch screen kiosk in reception. Or scan a card to sign in with one simple step. Or even just provide their name to the front of house staff. 

Offering a variety of methods makes it easier to sign everyone in. So you can be safe in the knowledge your contact tracing processes are as robust as possible. 

Is there a method that’s preferred by customers? 

The kiosk (using an iPad or tablet) is the most common way to sign in. This is especially the case now we have released our touchless kiosk feature. By setting your kiosk to touchless mode, you can now present a QR code on the screen. Guests scan the code to sign in from their own smartphone. 

Employees, contractors and visitors simply scan the code to see the entire kiosk experience replicated in their browser. It’s been a game-changer during COVID, as customers looked for a more hygienic, hands-free alternative to the sign-in kiosk. 

Did QR code posters come up in conversation at the event at all? 

Great question – it was really exciting to demo QR code posters for the first time at the event. These posters are an easy, low-cost way to deploy WhosOnLocation, as no expensive kiosk hardware is required.  

They’re also a great way to make your sign-in process more robust. If you have multiple doors, you can use posters at each access point. This helps to capture any employees or contractors who use side entrances to enter or leave.

New to WhosOnLocation? 

All features mentioned are available in a single subscription cost. Start your free trial today – no credit card required. 

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5 reasons to migrate to the latest version of WolMobile

Around this time last year we released a brand new, shiny version of WolMobile. Most of our customers have migrated over to WolMobile, but if you haven’t made the switch yet, now’s the time!

How do I know if I’m using the new version? 

If every employee and service provider in your team is using the app with this icon, you’re all set. This is the latest and best version of WolMobile and you don’t need to do anything further –great news!

If you (or some of your employees or service providers) are still using our WolMobile Legacy app with this icon, you’ll need to ensure everyone is migrated by March 31, 2021.

Why should I make the switch? 

Reason 1 – we’re decommissioning WolMobile Legacy

We’ll cut to the chase. The number one reason for migrating to the new version of WolMobile now is to ensure a smooth transition on the cut-off date. We’ll be decommissioning WolMobile Legacy on March 31 2021.

Reason 2 – it’s far more user friendly

Aside from a cleaner interface and added functionality, WolMobile is much easier to use than Legacy. The home screen contains a message board with all the safety information your team needs, and the ability to sign in/out of a location or for remote work with ease.

Reason 3 – auto sign in/out is a game-changer

Our customers often tell us that auto sign in/out is our best release. WolMobile users don’t even need to open the app to sign in and out, as it’s all taken care of using geofencing technology. 

Setting up a geofence is surprisingly easy. Simply use our drag and drop tool to draw a circle around your facility, click save, and you’re done. Now your employees and service providers can help keep your records accurate without lifting a finger. Brilliant!

Reason 4 – take your on-site safety up a notch

There are a number of brilliant safety upgrades to WolMobile. Using the new app, you’ll be able to: 

Reason 5 – health screening questions

Safeguarding the health of employees has never been more important. With the latest version of WolMobile, you can now configure custom questions for employees and service providers to carry out health screening as they come on-site. 

This feature can also be used to reinforce your safety rules. Require all workers on-site to wear PPE? A hard hat? Report to reception before they begin work? You can create any question you need to check-in with employees and service providers, receiving alerts if anyone answers against your policy. 

Ready to get started? 

Migrating to the new WolMobile is easy, and can be done in three simple steps: 

  1. Enable the new app in your account
  2. Configure the settings you’d like to use
  3. Invite your employees and service providers to download the new app

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. See you on the other side… 

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Transform your safety and security with WolMobile!

WolMobile is here! The latest version of our mobile application has significant enhancements that will make it even easier for organizations to manage the presence of everyone in their duty of care. In fact, we think it will help you transform how you manage safety and security in your organization. 

Who is it for?

WolMobile is for organizations that want a better way to manage the safety and security of employees and Service Providers in their duty of care. Whether they are working in or around high-risk factories, large construction sites, or out on the road alone, WolMobile will make it easier and more accessible to manage everyone on or off-site.

Top features:

  • Automatic Sign in / out

WolMobile automatically signs employees and service providers in and out of your locations and worksites without lifting a finger using their smartphone’s geolocation. The need for your administration team to chase those who forgot to manually sign in and out is eliminated with automatic sign in/out. 

Automatic sign in/ out gives you accurate, up-to-date people presence data but will also save you a lot of time.

  • SOS Alerts 

In the event of an emergency, accident or high-stress situation WolMobile users can activate an SOS alert. The SOS button counts down for 5 seconds before sending the alert (it can be canceled in this time if assistance is no longer required). 

SOS Responders are alerted in real-time that an incident has occurred and are given the information needed to provide assistance. This includes who triggered the alert, their mobile number, location and date and time of the alert. This information can also be shared with First Responders so they are able to assist as quickly as possible. 

  • Arrival and Instant Message notifications

Create an amazing and personalized visitor experience with visitor arrival notifications. Hosts are notified as soon as their visitor signs in receiving an arrival notification along with a photo for identification purposes. 

Custom notifications can be used for whatever you wish, including urgent notifications. Hazard in stairwell 5? No problem. You can send an urgent update to all employees and visitors in the building letting them know they should avoid this area. These notifications can also be segmented by location, who is on and off-site, employees, service providers, and or visitors. 

  • Acknowledgement notices 

Make sure your employees or Service Providers acknowledge important notices during sign-in. Unlike other notices they cannot be skipped so you can be confident they have read and agreed to them. They will have to select one of the responses followed by answering any additional information requested.

  • Location tracking

If you have employees or Service Providers working remotely you can now keep track of these at risk workers with location tracking. You will be alerted when a worker is moving to their next location or Service Provider details are out of date.  

  • Expected duration on-site

Get alerted when an employee or Service Provider is working past their expected duration at a remote site or in a high risk situation. The alert will be sent to the safety operator who can then check the safety of the worker. 

How do I get started?

Getting started with WolMobile is easy. All you need to do is: 

  1. Enable the Integration in your WhosOnlocation Account.
  2. Configure your settings for each of your locations. To enable auto sign in/out, simply drag and drop a geofence around your location using our quick and easy tool. 
  3. Invite your colleagues to download the app.
  4. You’re good to go. Let’s get mobile!

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Geolocation technology: How big brother keeps us safe

Updated: January 2020

With the rapid evolution of geolocation technology we are now faced with the issue of apps following our every move without really knowing where that information is ending up. Not all app users are comfortable with this type of data collection, which presents challenges for businesses that need this information to give you a stronger user experience or like ourselves that need it to keep you safe. So how do we get big brother to leave us alone but also get the most out of this revolutionary technology?

What is geolocation?

A geolocation is the identification or estimation of a real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar source, mobile phone, or internet connection. The coordinates generated from the geolocation (latitude and longitude) are used to determine a location, such as a street address. 

Why do apps need access to my smartphone’s geolocation?

Geolocations are used to plot courses, track elevation changes, see location history, find nearby shops, tag images on social media, check in to locations and get the local weather information. We also use it every day to make our lives easier, to interact with other people, to solve problems, to set goals, to track anything. 

Our WolMobile app for iOS and Android is designed to keep you safe while working (onsite, remotely or moving between locations). For WolMobile to work effectively it needs access to your location permissions. Here’s an overview of the key features to keep you safe and secure while in your employer’s duty of care: 

  • Automatic sign in/out

If your organization is using automatic sign-in/out, they will have a geofence set up around your organization’s. Once your phone has registered as having crossed into the geofence (using your location information), you’ll be automatically signed in or out. 

  • SOS Alerts

Should you need to send for immediate help, tapping the SOS button will send a notification to your location information to your organization’s nominated SOS Responder(s). The notification contains your location information as part of the alert ensuring assistance can locate you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

  • Follow me

If you’re working in a high risk situation, alone or traveling between sites, your organization may ask you to use the ‘Follow Me’ feature. Designed for your safety, ‘Follow Me’ alerts your   nominated safety contact if you need assistance in an emergency, to check in with you throughout the day or have spent too long at a high risk or restricted area.  

  • Locations list 

If your organization has multiple sites, WolMobile will use your location in a similar way to Google Maps, providing you with directions, maps, the distance to other locations and ordering the list with the closest locations first. 

Are my apps always tracking me?

The majority of apps on your smartphone can track your location, however, you have to give them access first. If you have downloaded an app that has requested to use your location information you would have been given the option to ‘Always allow’ or ‘Only when using the app’. 

‘Only when using the app’ seems like the more appropriate option but with WolMobile because we need your location to know whether you’re on or off site or if something was to go wrong you must select  ‘Always allow’ when prompted, for WolMobile to work accurately.

The good news is we’re not always tracking you. WolMobile only tracks your location when you’re signed into a location or moving between locations. Once you sign out and finish work at the end of the day, your location will no longer be reported on. 

It’s also worth noting that only selected individuals with admin access to WhosOnLocation will be able to see your location whilst you’re signed in. 

Update: January 2020

We’re always making improvements to our products. Since we first published this blog in November, we’ve already improved WolMobile’s geolocation reporting feature. The latest update brings a whole host of new features, including the ability to filter the map by who’s on or off site, get more information when you hover over a person’s pin and search the map by Service Provider Organization name, to see the location of everyone on-site from that company.

Set up WolMobile today.

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Feature Highlight: Geolocation Tracking

Did you know you can use WolMobile to update and share locations? WolMobile can use your phone’s location services function to pinpoint where you are.

Employees, contractors, and service providers can update their geolocation if they are working off-site, alone, or remotely. After that, map coordinates are sent to your WhosOnLocation account where users can view the GeoLocation Updates map.

You can also set-up a trigger to send an email or SMS to anyone in your organization who needs to know about remote person’s location and status.

There are some very good safety and security reasons for updating and tracking locations:

To send Health and Safety alerts

Some locations might have site or location-specific hazards. Using WolMobile, employees can be sent hazard warnings or other notices they must acknowledge.

This is a great feature for managing hazard warnings and recording who has and who hasn’t acknowledged them.

To pull location reports

With location updates, you can run employee presence reports to see who is where, when they signed in, and if/when they signed out.

You can also see how they signed in – whether it was by using WolMobile, at an Employee kiosk, via a Location Manager, via an ID card scan etc.

It can be fun too!