Contact tracing Victoria

New contact tracing guidelines for Victoria, Australia

Rhian Greener

3 minutes read time

March 16, 2021

The Australian state of Victoria recently announced some new rules around the use of its contact tracing QR code service.

From 27 March 2021, all organizations are required to use the QR code service to log everyone coming on-site. So what does this mean for your business, and your WhosOnLocation subscription? 

What is the Australian QR code service? 

The Australian government is encouraging the use of QR code posters to help with contact tracing. Businesses should ask visitors and employees to scan the QR code using their smartphones to record a visit. 

When a case of COVID-19 is reported, the government can use this data to understand how the outbreak started. Officials also use the data to reach out to any close contacts to stop the spread. 

New contact tracing rules for organizations in Victoria 

All organizations* in the state of Victoria are required to display QR code posters from 27 March 2021. Businesses should encourage everyone on-site to register their visit with the QR code service. 

*We recommend you seek your own legal advice. 

What if I already use a visitor management system? 

Unfortunately, the new rules require organizations to use the government service, or an integrated third-party platform, for contact tracing. Reporting using your WhosOnLocation or other visitor management system won’t be accepted. 

Do any people presence systems integrate with the QR code service? 

No. According to the government website, there is currently only one platform that has plans to integrate with the QR code service. However, this platform is designed for contact tracing only and isn’t a full-service people presence system. 

For example, there is no functionality for visitor arrival notifications or pre-registering visitors. It also won’t support employee and contractor inductions, insurances or access control.

You will need to continue using your preferred people presence management system alongside the QR code service to maintain your current processes.

Using WhosOnLocation alongside the QR code service

Although we don’t currently have plans to integrate with the QR code service, you can still use the QR code service alongside WhosOnLocation. 

The QR code service is intended for government-mandated contact tracing only. This is to help officials easily track and contain an outbreak from a single system. 

With WhosOnLocation, you can keep the employees, contractors, and visitors entering your facility safe in a number of additional ways.

Protecting your people from COVID-19 with WhosOnLocation

Don’t forget, your WhosOnLocation subscription includes the following features: 

  • Health screening questions
  • Maximum occupancy rules
  • Deny access triggers and alerts to prevent anyone who poses a risk entering your site
  • Hygienic, touchless sign in using touch-free kiosks or posters
  • Acknowledgment notices detailing your terms of entry

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