Contractor management software

An effective contractor management system will help you to track and control contractor presence in and out of all your locations, including remote workplaces and construction sites.

contractor management software

Manage your contractor qualifications, insurances and sign ins.

Set up and manage contractor and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires and which of your sites the contract applies to. 

Contractors can sign in and out of a location in multiple ways: tag in/out by scanning a token, at a self-serve kiosk, using their smartphone’s browser for touchless sign in, at the reception desk or with the WolMobile app.

Our contractor management software allows you to track when contractors are working alone, in at-risk areas or at an off-site location. Include contractors in emergency mustering for an accurate roll call using the WolEvac application.

The contractor management system is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

Easy ways to manage contractors

Touchless kiosk

Quick and easy touchless sign in/out

Set your kiosk to touchless mode, or print and display QR code posters for quick, easy and hygienic sign in. Contractors scan the QR code displayed on the kiosk or poster to complete sign in for their smartphone’s browser. No app download required.

Access permissions

Access permissions

Grant specific location access permissions to each organization and/or individual contractor, including temporary access. Individuals can be banned from all sites if required.

Receive SMS or email alerts when an unapproved person is attempting to enter a location.

Contractor portal

Contractor portal

Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by empowering contractors to manage their own information and documents in the contractor portal.

You control the information your contractors can see and edit in the portal.

contractor management software

Insurance documentation

Store qualification and insurance documentation against each organization or contractor profile. Empower your contractors to keep their own documents up to date, and send automated reminders when they’re due for renewal.

contractor management software

Easy tag on/off site

Make signing in and out of your locations easy. Assign contractors a scannable ‘token’ for quick and easy tag on/off site. Any card or pass with a QR or barcode can be used, from driver’s licenses to loyalty cards.

contractor management software

Location access

Our contractor management software will help you control who’s permitted on-site and when. Define access dates for each contractor and each site, or ban individuals from coming on-site altogether. Receive alerts if someone signs in outside of their access rights.

Contractor Management Software protects those working at risk

Use the WolMobile app to account for everyone in your duty of care.

Enable the WolMobile auto sign in/out feature to reliably account for who’s on or off-site as contractors cross a geofence.

Contractors can use the app to sign in for work remotely, notify their team that they’re working alone and log their expected duration on-site. Alerts are sent when a contractor is overdue to finish a job.

Empower contractors to log their location when working remotely and at risk, and send SOS alerts in the event of an emergency.

contractor management software


contractor management system

Inductions and eLearning

Turn paper-based or slideshow induction courses into dynamic eLearning. Include images, videos, questions, and test scoring in each course.

Have contractors complete courses remotely or from an induction course kiosk set-up.

contractor management system

Expiry and renewal alerts

Get notified when a contractor's term is about to come to an end.

Receive reminders when a contractors’s qualifications or insurances are about to expire, or when inductions are due for renewal.

contractor management system

Insurance management

Record insurance details of each organization and upload any supporting documentation to the contractor management software. Automatically deny access if insurance policies have expired, or don’t exist.

contractor management software


Track and measure contractor presence on-site and run detailed reporting on information including insurance, qualification or induction details (like upcoming renewal dates or expired records).

contractor management software

Emergency mustering

Use the WolEvac app in the case of an emergency to track cleared zones in real-time. Carry out a manual roll call, or send an SMS to everyone on-site asking ‘Are you safe?’.

contractor management software

Multiple ways to sign in

Flexible sign in options for your contractors. Scan in/out using a token, sign in at the front desk, using the WolMobile app, QR code poster or at a self-serve kiosk.