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Do you have a regulatory obligation to account for contractors and suppliers when they are on-site? Do you spend too much time managing contractor and supplier information, insurances, access rights, safety, security, and inductions?

WhosOnLocation makes it easy for your organization to manage these requirements including attendance tracking, hazard notice compliance, and induction management, across one or multiple sites.

Whether you are looking to simply recognize your visitors from your contractors, or you are seeking a full solution to manage regulatory and other compliance obligations around contractors or service providers; WhosOnLocation makes it easy.

Manage contractor presence in and out of all your sites, including remote locations and construction sites. Load their contracts, ensure correct qualifications are held, and gain important insights into your contractors’ presence while on-site.

Manage Contractor and Supplier Profiles

Contractor Checking portal on ipad

Set-up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires, and which location within your organization the contract applies to. Ensure records are accurate and up-to-date by providing your contractors with access to your Service Provider Portal to manage their information.

  • Manage Primary and Sub-Contractor profiles
  • Manage their insurances, and validate they meet your minimum requirements
  • Set-up unique notification rules

Are your Contractors Compliant?


WhosOnLocation takes the hassle out of contractor management, induction and training. You can monitor every aspect of your contractor compliance in real-time.

  • Manage rights to access sites
  • Manage insurances
  • Manage qualifications
  • Manage inductions
  • Manage passes and cards

Contractor arrival notifications, and messaging

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Know when contractors arrive on-site and notify those that need to know:

  • The facilities team
  • The procurement team
  • The contractors employer
  • The host of the contractor

Contractor reporting, Data and Insights

Contractor reporting, Data and Insights

Keep track of your contractors in real-time. Monitor every aspect of your contractor compliance. WhosOnLocation takes the hassle out of contractor management,reporting, data and insights.

  • Report rights to access sites
  • Report on insurances
  • Report on qualifications
  • Report on inductions

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