Are you asking the right custom sign-in questions?

Rhian Greener

5 minutes read time

August 31, 2020

Updated August 2021

Before you allow employees, contractors and visitors to enter your facilities, what kinds of questions do you ask? How about as they leave? Asking custom sign-in/out questions, tailored to your organization’s needs, can give you valuable information about who’s coming on-site. Getting specific with your questions can also help you maintain security in your facility.

Learn more about sign-in/out questions and our latest feature “Global sign-in/out questions” that enables you to share your questionnaires across multiple locations. 

What’s new: Global sign-in/out questions

Global sign-in/out questions give you the ability to create and manage custom questionnaires on a central level. Simply create a set of questions and assign them to different locations, making the process more efficient and ensuring consistency across the entire organization.

How to enable sign-in/out questions for your organization?

You can roll out sign-in/out questions with the following methods: 

  • All kiosks (includes QR code posters)
  • The Sign In/Out Manager – for use by your front of house team
  • WolMobile – so employees and contractors can self screen

With this new update, you’ll be able to fully customize your questions, creating different questionnaires by: 

  • People type, e.g. employees / service providers / visitors
  • Signing in vs signing out
  • Sign in method – e.g. kiosk / Sign In/Out Manager / WolMobile 
  • Conditional questions – e.g. ask a question based on a response 

Let’s take a look at the types of questions you could (or should) be asking.

Custom questions for health screening

Depending on your organization’s circumstances, you may have specific needs when it comes to employee health screening. For example, for food manufacturing, the list of questions will be far more extensive. Here’s a good starting point for those wanting to carry out pandemic screening: 

  1. Have you recently returned from overseas? This is particularly important if you’re based in a country where borders remain open, and managed isolation isn’t enforced.
  2. In the past 14 days, have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had a test confirming you have the virus?
  3. Do you live in the same household as, or have you had close contact with, someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  4. Do you live in the same household as someone who is currently self-isolating due to exposure to COVID-19?
  5. Have you experienced cold, flu, or diarrhea symptoms in the past 14 days?
  6. Do you have your own mask or face covering to wear during your visit? 

With WhosOnLocation, you can set automated rules which alert you when someone attempts to sign in outside of your health policy. 

Thermal imaging

Thermal cameras are a hot topic, with many organizations looking to screen the temperature of employees, contractors and visitors as they enter their sites.

Wello offers a no-contact, self service thermometer that is clinically tested and FDA cleared as a Class II medical device. We recommend you add Wello as an additional step before guests begin the sign in process with WhosOnLocation, to pre-screen anyone with a fever.

On-site safety

Those working in high risk environments, e.g. construction, utilities, manufacturing and health, can use the custom questions to ask important questions about kit and PPE. Custom questions can be tailored to the safety requirements of specific ‘zones’ within your facility, too. 

  1. Are you wearing a high vis vest and hard hat? 
  2. Have you collected your PPE prior to entering this facility? 
  3. Have you checked in with your safety operator? 
  4. You are about to move into a heavy machinery zone. Are you wearing steel toe cap boots? 

Custom questions aren’t only designed for use when signing in. They can be equally powerful when signing out, too: 

Protecting intellectual property

  1. Do you need to report an incident? 
  2. Did you see anyone on-site today who wasn’t wearing PPE? 
  3. Are there any new hazards to log? 
  4. Did you experience a near-miss whilst on-site today? 

Another common use case for our custom questions feature is to upload an NDA. You can ask visitors to acknowledge they’ve read your agreement, and use digital signature capture as a record they’ve agreed to your terms of entry. 

Visitor amenities

Custom questions aren’t just for the safety conscious. You can even use them to ensure you make a great first impression with your visitors. Here are a few examples: 

  1. Would you like a hot drink? Please select from the options below.
  2. Will you require a guest WiFi code today? 
  3. Can we validate your parking? 

Ready to get started? 

The WhosOnLocation custom questions feature is available now, and included in your subscription. Visit our Help Center to get started. 

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