Customise your sign-in process with visitor management software


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June 12, 2017

Which questions you ask depends on the purpose of implementing visitor management software in your business.

Ask yourself: What is the key problem you are trying to solve?

  1. Are you looking to solve a reception management issue?
  2. Are you solving a wider compliance management issue?
  3. Are you solving a reporting issue?
  4. Is it a security issue?
  5. Are you falling short on verifying the safety of people in the event of an evacuation?
  6. Are you overwhelmed with managing contractor and/or staff inductions?
  7. Are you trying to protect your staff and assets?

Answering these will help you determine which questions you need to ask visitors on-site. Do you only need to ask the basic questions such as First Name, Last Name, Name of Host, Email, Mobile? Or do you need more than that?

We find that every business has a different sign-in process. Not only might they have a set of site or industry-specific questions, but they might need a series of site rules that particular visitors need to read and accept.

With WhosOnLocation visitor management software, you can ask your site visitors any question you like, and you can create a selection of custom answers for visitors to choose from for each custom question, too.

WhosOnLocation custom questions are incredibly flexible, so you can customize them to work in almost any way you like.

Here are some of the ways you can use WhosOnLocation custom questions to individualize your sign-in process:

Health & Safety Training
Use custom questions to create Health & Safety training for visitors when they come on-site. Your questions might include running visitors through the hazards, accepting on-site risks or giving an expected duration on-site. You can also set rules so that visitors only have to complete this set of questions once every month, 6 months, year etc. Or, you might need them to complete them every visit.

Evacuation Instructions
You can create a set of evacuation instructions with custom questions. You can ask visitors which zone they will be working in (if relevant) and show them the nearest exit points. Visitors can read and agree to each question, and you can set questions as ‘compulsory’, so users must accept and agree to the instructions before progressing.

Site Specific Rules
If you have different rules depending on the site, you can specify these using custom questions. For example, you might have one site where visitors must stay within 5 metres of their vehicle, but this might not apply to other sites. Visitors will choose which site they are signing into, and if this site is chosen, the visitor will need to acknowledge and agree that they must not go further than 5 meters from their vehicle.

Custom Journeys
You can also create a different set of questions depending on who is signing in. If the person signing in is an employee, they may receive different questions from a one-off visitor who is signing in to deliver a package.

To learn more about WhosOnLocation and how custom questions could work for your business, sign up for a free 30-day trial.