Deliveries made easy!


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October 03, 2019

Does your company need a better, more efficient system when it comes to delivering parcels? WhosOnLocation has you covered. Introducing our Deliveries feature that’s sure to free up your front of house team, remove trip hazards, and encourage employees to collect their parcels as soon as they arrive. Deliveries help you create a more organized and productive workplace, and is included in all subscription plans. Keep reading to discover how using the Deliveries feature can change your front of house team’s working day.

How it works:

How can Deliveries make your life easier?

Free up your front of house team

Your front of house team no longer need to spend time managing deliveries. Using the Deliveries feature removes the long-winded process of receiving the package from the delivery driver, phoning or sending an email to the recipient, and then searching high and low when the recipient comes to collect it. WhosOnLocation creates a streamlined delivery system with automatic notifications and a formalized process for storing post.

Keep your front of house area neat and tidy

No one likes a messy, disorganized workspace and that includes your front of house team and visitors. With immediate notifications, there’s no longer any need for parcels to pile up or pose a trip hazard. With on-screen notes instructing delivery drivers on where parcels should be stored, your front of house will look much tidier. Pair that with a process that runs itself like clockwork, and your staff will be much happier, too.

Avoid confusion over signatures

Prevent any confusion over who’s signed for an important parcel with the ‘signature-required’ feature. Once Deliveries are enabled, your delivery driver can select ‘signature required’ at the Kiosk when registering a parcel. This immediately alerts the recipient they need to come and sign for their parcel, avoiding the age-old question of who signed for what, and where is it stored.

Delivery groups 

What if a parcel is sent to a department rather than a specific person? Fear not, WhosOnLocation has thought of everything… The set-up of this feature allows for the addition of ‘recipient groups’ to the system. If a parcel was sent to your ‘marketing department’, the nominated recipients from this department will receive notifications to collect the parcel. This is a great feature for receiving catering as it ensures someone will be there to pick it up.


Do you want to track how many deliveries are coming through your reception each day? Or do you have a parcel that’s gone missing and needs to be tracked down? A record of each delivery is stored in WhosOnLocation, making it easy and simple to pull reports whenever you need them. For each delivery, you can track exactly when the parcel was delivered, who it was for, and whether a signature was required. 

Keep your Kiosk cohesive

Create a cohesive Kiosk display with our customizable Deliveries button. The Deliveri es button sits underneath the Sign In and Sign Out buttons, and can be customized to fit with your company and existing Kiosk design. 

Delivery types

Receiving different types of mail? You can specify your different delivery types. There are five default ‘delivery types’:  Parcel(s), Mail, Flowers, Food, and Other – any of which can be removed. There is also an option to add your own, specific to your business. For example ‘IT equipment’ or ‘catering’. Delivery drivers are presented the available options to select from when registering a parcel, and this information can be pulled through into both your notifications and reporting, so you know exactly what’s been delivered and when. 

/Out Manager

Don’t have a Kiosk? Don’t worry. All of the above steps can be carried out by your front of house team, using the Sign-In/Out Manager. The delivery driver simply hands the parcel over, and your front of house team can register the parcel in WhosOnLocation to automatically notify the recipient. 


Whether it’s personal post for employees, business post for specific departments or even catering for events, the Deliveries feature makes the process a whole lot smoother. 

So what are you waiting for? Enable this feature today and create a seamless delivery system in your workplace. Your front of house team will thank you!