Evacuation management With
WhosOnLocation + Deputy

Verify the safety of your  logged employees.

In the event of an emergency you need to be able to verify and account for the safety of your employees.

WhosOnLocation integrates with your Deputy account enabling your Floor Wardens and Fire Marshals to verify the safety of your employees using WhosOnLocation’s mobile roll call application WolEvac.

Our Features

Gain real-time data during an emergency

With the WolEvac application on your mobile or tablet you can access real-time data during an emergency. Including:

  • Track that Zones are cleared
  • Send SMS asking #AreYouSafe
  • Perform a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  • View real-time verification progress
  • View post evacuation reports

Collaborate between locations

Floor Wardens and Fire Marshals can not only verify the safety of people in their own location, they can collaborate with their colleagues in other locations in the same organization to help them verify the safety of people. Users anywhere can run an Evacuation Report for another location as well as join an evacuation event elsewhere if they are WolEvac Users.

Choose the plan that suits your needs



Monthly per location
  • 3,000

  • 30,000



Monthly per location
  • 10,000

  • 100,000



Monthly per location
  • 20,000

  • 200,000



Monthly per location
  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

For multiple location pricing, contact us.

Exceeding your subscriptions annual usage limits before the expiry of the term will mean you are:

  • Automatically moved to the correct subscription plan based on your usage
  • The difference between the two subscription plans (from the start of your current subscription term) will be back charged.

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