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Disgruntled guest causes danger in lobby, receptionist activates Panic Alarm

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’ABC Manufacturing’ design, develop and manufacture children’s balance bikes and scooters. Their products are known for being well-designed and manufactured at a top quality. Their customers are loyal and passionate, and some would say they have a cult following.

ABC Manufacturing has a clean public safety record but had some challenges a few months ago after a child was harmed while riding one of their scooters. It was found in court that the product wasn’t at fault but they received a ton of negative media as a result. Even though the product was not at fault the family was suggesting the accident was caused by a product defect. However, it is believed that Joey Browne, the injured child, had put himself in the path of an oncoming vehicle. Joey’s family believed the scooter should have had a warning system installed and because it did not, have taken legal action against ABC Manufacturing.

Joey’s family have protested outside the office and manufacturing plant on several occasions as the court case they had taken against ABC Manufacturing was thrown out by a High Court Judge. It’s fair to say the parents of Joey Browne still believe ABC Manufacturing are at fault and are still seeking retribution.

August 2016

On a gloriously sunny summer’s day, the office of ABC Manufacturing is quiet. The Executive Team are away on their annual retreat and the remainder of the ABC Manufacturing team have decided to enjoy the weather with a team lunch in the local park.  Only a handful of staff has stayed behind keeping the production line going and manning the office.

At exactly 1.05pm a man bursts into the office reception area and demands to speak to the CEO. As the Executive Team and most of the staff are not there, Stella the Receptionist explains this, and then offers to help or get someone else to assist. Whatever the receptionist said she was unable to appease the man who had started making threats to the company and claiming he had a gun.

Stella didn’t know if she was going to be able to calm the man down and was very worried for her safety. She made the decision to ensure the situation didn’t escalate by activating the panic alarm to keep herself and those who were on-site safe.

ABC Manufacturing’s security firm was alerted to the panic alarm via a text message and was able to respond with the assistance of the local Police. It was later established that the man threatening the Receptionist was the father of Joey Browne.

If ABC Manufacturing didn’t have a panic alarm available for their receptionists the situation could have ended very differently. Having a panic alarm is like home insurance, you hope you never have to use it, but when something does go wrong you’re thankful it was there.

More about panic alarms

A panic alarm ( sometimes referred to as a duress alarm) is a silent alarm that can be activated when an event or situation occurs that requires assistance. Panic alarms can be setup to alert different people in a panic situation.

When do you activate a panic alarm?

A panic alarm should be activated when there is a threat to yourself or a member of your team, this could be a situation like ABC Manufacturing experienced, when a weapon is talked about or presented.

A panic alarm shouldn’t be used to:

  • Get the attention of a member of your wider team
  • A medical emergency
  • To check how long it takes, Ambulance, Fire or Police to arrive on-site
  • To report a theft
  • For a Health and safety accident
  • Any other situation that is non-threatening.

Is a panic alarm right for our business?

All businesses should consider a panic alarm as part of their toolbox to keep their people safe; Especially those in these higher risk industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Businesses with high volumes of cash.

Here at WhosOnLocation we’ve recently released a panic alarm feature.  The panic alarm feature comes standard with every WhosOnLocation subscription at no extra cost. Take a free, 30-day trial today to experience a new and better way of managing the safety and security of your people.


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