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Why you don’t need an army to maintain hundreds of contractor records

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Do you manage hundreds, or even thousands, of contractor and vendor records? Have you ever woken up feeling like it’s Groundhog Day? When you’re exhausted and feel like you’re running in molasses?

That feeling of futility is inevitable when trying to maintain accurate and timely contractor information.

Historically, there wasn’t much of a problem keeping records until Health and Safety reform legislation burst onto the scene globally at the turn of the century.

Before then, maintaining contractor and vendor records like name, organization, contact details, and whether or not a contractor had completed your induction course was done using spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and paper-based forms. The storage of records was largely filing systems, and management were happy to see reports once or twice a year.

But times have changed.

Today the art of managing accurate contractor and vendor records has become a science.

Compliance-driven cloud-based contractor management systems, induction software, project management systems, and contracts management tools, with automated workflows, are in high use. But have these desktop and mobile accessible tools reduced the workload and improved the productivity for your procurement and contracts management teams?

Boards and managers now carry regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities for Health and Safety in the workplace. The penalties for non-compliance and/or worse, a breach, are high – both financially and to your brand. The impact is a demand for greater visibility and oversight for all things that may impact the likelihood for non-compliance.

This has resulted in a requirement to capture, maintain, and manage ‘real-time’, accurate records of contractor and vendor information, along with frequent reporting. Paper records just don’t cut it anymore.

But the problem with non-paper systems is that you’re still prone to the same inefficiencies and demands on people’s time as before. Employees still need to gather, validate, and enter contractor and vendor information into the system, whether it’s a spreadsheet or a contractor management application.

The symptoms of ‘outdated’ and ‘inaccurate’ records have not disappeared with the introduction of non-paper based systems.

Employees leave, new ones arrive, contact details change, people forget to complete their inductions, insurance records are not updated, and no one informs you. Yet you’re the one responsible for maintaining good records.

So do you need an army of workers to maintain accurate records of hundreds or even thousands of contractors and vendors?

In short, No. Because contractor, vendor, and supplier portals create an online window for contractor and vendor self-management.

How contractor portals save you time:

Contractor portals empower contractors, vendors and suppliers to maintain accurate records themselves, so you do not have to. They act as intermediaries that allow both your organization and your contractors and vendors to maintain a constant and continuous flow of data between each other.

Portals produce great productivity gains in terms of handling data, reducing the need to have potentially expensive resources to maintain record integrity, and producing reports.

Giving your contractors and vendors access to their own records, via a portal, means that they can maintain accurate and current records for their own organization and employees. This will ensure records are accurate, timely, and easily updated. It also means that your employees’ time is not spent constantly updating these records making your organization more productive.

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