Emergency Management

WhosOnLocation gives organizations central access to people presence data and enables them to quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency.


Emergency Management

Run emergencies from your smartphone or tablet

Track cleared zones, allow people to self-verify their safety via SMS, view requests for help and monitor real-time evacuation progress all within the WolEvac mobile application.

WolEvac syncs live people presence data from your WhosOnLocation account so first responders, wardens and safety marshals have accurate information about who is on-site in an emergency.

WolEvac users (typically floor wardens, fire wardens or safety marshals) can share critical messages, view real-time verification progress and manually verify the safety of anyone on-site.

WolEvac is a web application compatible with iOS (iPhone & iPad), Microsoft (Phone & Surface) and Android (Phone & Tablet).

Detailed post-emergency reports

Run detailed reports on emergency communications, mustering and evacuations. These reports provide valuable insights into the efficiency of your emergency procedures for review.

Wol Evac Report Microsoft Surface Pro

Lone worker management

Manage people working alone, after hours, in isolated zones or on the road. WhosOnLocation allows you to keep track of who is working alone, where, and when they are due to sign out.

Panic alarm

In the event your receptionist feels that their safety or security could be compromised they can trigger an immediate request for assistance; right from their computer or from the visitor kiosk.

Panic Alarm iPhoneX
iPad Acknowledgement Notice

Acknowledgement notices

Notify anyone on-site of safety hazards or security breaches and provide further details. A powerful post-incident reporting feature, you can view who did or did not acknowledge notices.

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