Employee attendance

The right tools

Get real-time visibility of which employees are on-site and which are not.

Employees can tag in or out from their own PC, Mac, laptop, or via their smartphone, card scan, or at reception.

Tracking the attendance or presence of employees ensures you can account for them in the event of an emergency.

Deploy iPad In and Out Boards!

Employee attendance

Cost effective, easy to use, no training required. Setup and deploy one or multiple iPad In and Out Boards at any location.

  • Secure and fast
  • Employees can tag on and off using Name or;
  • Employees can tag on and off using Unique ID

Receptionist, Concierge, Security Guard Access

Employee attendance

Your front of house users can:

  • View the location status of any Employee
  • Sign them in or out of your location
  • Sign visiting employees from other locations into your location
  • Add visiting employees to your Evacuation Report

Mobile devices and Presence Management

Employees can use their mobile phone to tag themselves on-site or off-site and any location in your WhosOnLocation Account. Their location status is automatically synced with your WhosOnLocation Account. Use the WhosOnLocation API to share data with your access control system or other presence management service.

Reporting and Employee Sign in and Out Data

View real-time employee presence information. Quickly identify those employees on-site and those out of office.

  • View employee presence information as data or graphically
  • View reports for any location, anywhere in the world, in real-time.
  • Export reports as a csv or PDF

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As a cloud-based solution there is no software to download. Simply log on from any browser; allowing you to deploy and manage multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

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