Employee Management

Manage the flow of employees in and out of your organization to mitigating risk, strengthen security, aid compliance and collect rich operational data.


Employee Sign-In/Out

Manage your employee presence on and off-site

Keeping compliant is an ongoing process and requires regular monitoring of and reporting on health, safety and security measures.

Use Employee Management to manage employee profiles, inductions, qualifications, access rights, lone workers and ensure you can account for everyone in an emergency. Tailor the information you store in employee profiles using custom fields.

Our Employee Management features give you real time visibility of which employees are on and off-site to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Employee Management is designed to work seamlessly with all products in the WhosOnLocation suite.

WhosOnLocation Touchless iPad

Touchless sign in

Switch your kiosk to touchless mode to create a hygienic, touchless sign-in process. Employees can answer health screening questions from their smartphone’s browser to minimize the spread of seasonal flu.

QR code posters

Where kiosks are impractical, print and display QR code posters for touchless sign in. Employees simply scan the QR code to sign in from their smartphone’s browser - no mobile app download required.

WhosOnLocation QR code poster
Microsoft Surface Pro Inductions

Inductions & Training

Manage new and existing employee’s inductions or e-learning and never forget a renewal with automatic notifications.

Employees that need to complete and pass specialized training to be able to access specific areas of your organization can be denied entry until they have met these requirements. WhosOnLocation will send reminders about upcoming renewal dates and alert you when a renewal is overdue.

On & Off-Site Tracking

Employees can sign-in and out of a site multiple ways, including by a receptionist, a Kiosk, or our mobile application WolMobile.

When an employee signs in or out, the evacuation list in WolEvac is automatically updated. Should an emergency situation occur, you can verify the safety of anyone on or off-site quickly and easily in real time.

iMac Visitor Management
Global Roamer

Global Roaming

Employees that regularly travel between locations can be given access to multiple locations. This allows for seamless access to the sites that they are visiting, and in the instance of an emergency you can account for everyone on and off-site.

Lone Worker Tracking

Track people working alone so their security and safety is never compromised. Whether you have people working after hours, off-site alone, or in isolated areas on-site, WhosOnLocation can help to keep them safe. Receive alerts when lone workers are overdue back on-site or haven’t signed out by a specified time.

Alerts & Notifications

You can set up alerts and notifications for almost anything in WhosOnLocation. Use them to keep track of on and off-site employee movements, lone workers, employee access rights, qualification expiry and training records. You can set up a Watchlist to notify you when ex-employees or competitors attempt to sign in.


Reporting is extensive, and in real-time. You can report on nearly everything from who is on-site at a particular time, to how long a lone worker spent in a particular area right through to managing an emergency in real time and then seeing how it went post event. The options are nearly limitless.


If you already have an access control system or time and attendance system, these can be integrated with WhosOnLocation (in most instances). This powerful integrated tool allows you to manage who is on-site and to verify accurately and quickly that employees are accounted for in an emergency.

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