Evacuation management

Access real-time data in event of emergency

In order to keep your people safe in an emergency, you must know where they should be and then be able to quickly verify their safety. WhosOnLocation evacuation management helps you do just this. Get your people safe, and give first responders critical information about who cannot be accounted for before they put their lives at risk.


WolEvac is your evacuation management tool for mobile and tablet devices. It is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Microsoft (Phone & Surface) and Android (Phone & Tablet) as a web application.

WolEvac users would normally be those employees who are safety marshals, or fire or floor wardens in a location. WolEvac allows them to:

  • Track that Zones are cleared
  • Send SMS asking #AreYouSafe
  • Perform a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  • View real-time verification progress
  • View post evacuation reports

Print Evacuation Report

WOL enables users to quickly print an evacuation report from any PC. Reports are output as a PDF. There are separate reports for Guests (visitors and Contractors) as well as employees. You can also include ‘all’ person types in a single report. If choosing to include employees you can include only those on-site and/or those off-site. Your report includes:

  • Person’s name
  • From
  • Mobile
  • Indicates if person requires assistance
  • Host Name (If a guest)

Collaboration between your Locations

Floor Wardens and Fire Marshals can not only verify the safety of people in their own location, they can collaborate with their colleagues in other locations in the same organization to help them verify the safety of people. Users anywhere can run an Evacuation Report for another location as well as join an evacuation event elsewhere if they are WolEvac Users.

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