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For large facilities, multi-tenant buildings or organizations with more than one location, having only a couple of front desk staff or a manual sign-in system sometimes isn’t enough. WhosOnLocation is a versatile, scalable visitor management tool perfect for a wide range of facilities management needs.

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WhosOnLocation Facility Management

Why Facility Managers are using WhosOnLocation

Increased security

Increased security

WhosOnLocation helps you manage the flow of people in and out of your facilities, from visitor pre-registration to access control.



It’s more than just managing who’s on-site. With WhosOnLocation you can keep track of insurances, manage contracts, respond more efficiently to incidents and emergencies… and so much more.

Pull detailed reports

Pull detailed reports

In just a few clicks, run and download customizable reports on everything from last month’s visitors to a list of contracts coming up for renewal.

Easy to use and set-up

Easy to use and set-up

Get a Kiosk going in minutes with no extra hardware other than a computer with access to the internet. A step-by-step in-app onboarding process will guide you through the set up.

Round-the-clock support

Round-the-clock support

Need any help? Get your question answered promptly by our friendly customer support team – we offer 24/7 support.

It can save you both time and money.

Keeping accurate records of who’s been on-site, and for how long, can have other benefits beyond security, as Gold Coast Private Hospital (GCPH) realized. Prior to using WhosOnLocation, GCPH were using a manual spreadsheet-based system, which quickly became insufficient for managing the large number of contractors they work with.

“Using WhosOnLocation has saved me at least 4 hours a day, the ROI speaks for itself … [And] one of the added benefits is correct invoicing from contractors as we can now see how long they were on-site and pick up any discrepancies. It’s another way we are saving money.”

– Suzanne Germani, Director of Information Management, DiMarco Constructors

How it works

Pre-register visitors

Know who’s coming to visit you (and when) ahead of time. Simply fill out your visitor’s details and they will receive an automatic email with all the details of their visit. You can confirm any extra details in just a few clicks once they arrive.

Keep track of everyone on-site

Every sign-in and sign-out is recorded in WhosOnLocation so you can account for people in the case of an emergency. Check to see who is on-site at any given moment, or pull reports to determine how many people have signed-in over a period of time.

Capture photo identification

For added security, capture people’s photo identification at sign-in. Visitors can scan any photo ID card at a Kiosk or at the front desk.

Manage contractors and documents

Set up and manage contract and supplier profiles in minutes, record key contracts, when the contract expires, and which location within your organization the contract applies to. You can also receive notifications when insurances or qualifications are about to expire.

Manage emergencies more efficiently

WhosOnLocation makes it so much easier to respond to incidents or emergencies. Verify that people are safe, send out SMS notifications to see if anyone needs help and more, all in one easy-to-use mobile app. Afterwards, run an incident response report for later evaluation.

Accept deliveries via Kiosk

Whether it’s for security reasons, efficiency or otherwise, you might need to track all deliveries coming on-site. Delivery agents can use the Kiosk to log a delivery, and receive any further instructions (such as where to leave the package).

Set zone permissions and access rights

Some zones need special access rights. Using WhosOnLocation, you can decide who is allowed where. By setting up Kiosks outside specific zones, you can track the flow of people within your site and deny access to people without the correct access permissions.

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