Get the most out of WhosOnLocation: Using Add-Ons


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November 15, 2017

Did you know that WhosOnLocation offers so much more than just basic visitor management functionality?

You can customize your WhosOnLocation account to suit your organization by turning on add-ons that meet your specific needs.

All add-ons in your WhosOnLocation account are inactive by default, and can only be enabled by the Account Owner. Each add-on is free and available to use on any trial or paid account.

How To Activate Add-ons

To activate an add-on, go to Tools > Account > Add-on Management, click Yes for the add-on and click Save. (After the Account Owner has enabled the add-on, user roles must be granted by an Administrator before a user will be able to access them.)

Here are 10 add-ons you can activate in your WhosOnLocation account:

1. Acknowledgement Notices

From time to time there may be a need to issue a notice informing people of a specific new hazard that has just occurred, or an event that is happening today or tomorrow.

It may only affect people on-site for that day, the next 48 hours, or longer but either way the hazard or event is only temporary. You may also need to track if people acknowledged their understanding of the notice, or provided extra information, for audit purposes.

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2. Asset Management

WhosOnLocation’s Asset Management Add-on makes it easy for organizations to manage an inventory of assets and takes the hassle away from tracking where those assets are and who is responsible for them. Assets you might want to track could include…

  1. Temporary access control cards
  2. Keys to doors
  3. Keys to vehicles
  4. Tools
  5. Safety Equipment and PPE gear

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3. Dashboards

A Dashboard is an easy to read, real-time summary of information displaying key people presence data at a given location. If you have a requirement to know how many people are on-site, whether they are visitors, employees, or service providers like contractors; a dashboard is a great way to display critical people presence metrics and data.

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4. Identity Management

WhosOnLocation supports a range of different ways to sign in and out. The Identity Management Add-on expands this by allowing employees or service providers another method of sign-in. When this add-on is enabled…

  1. Employees or service providers can tag themselves on or off-site by scanning their barcoded or RFID-enabled ID or Key Fob or Access Card – we refer to these as Tokens – at a visitor Kiosk or at an employee in/out board.
  2. Organizations can share access control data with their WhosOnLocation account, allowing employees to simply scan their access card to open an entry or exit door and have that transaction change the employee’s location status in their account.

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5. Induction Management

Many organizations require their employees and guests (visitors and contractors) to be aware of their health & safety and security policies, as well as the correct and approved procedures for undertaking or controlling tasks and jobs. These induction courses might be delivered in any number of ways, including PowerPoints, seminars, paper-based course booklets, third-party induction programs etc.

WhosOnLocation’s Induction Management makes it easy to track and maintain induction records, regardless of how the ‘course’ or ‘eLearning’ element was delivered.

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6. Qualifications Management

When people are on-site and performing certain tasks there may be a requirement for the person to be ‘qualified’ to perform that task. Whether it’s driving a forklift, doing electrical wiring work, working in a confined space, working from heights, acting as a Fire Warden or Fire Marshal, or any number of other tasks – being qualified to do so is often a prerequisite.

WhosOnLocation’s Qualifications Management tool allows your organization to:

  1. Keep track of whether a person’s qualifications, certifications, and accreditations are current;
  2. It will help you to comply with workplace regulations and;
  3. It will ensure that you have some ‘control’ in place to manage whether a person is permitted to carry out a task while on-site.

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7. Service Provider Management

WhosOnLocation takes away the hassle of service provider management by giving you easy to use tools to maintain accurate contractor records, to manage the presence of contractors on-site, and to report on all contractor and supplier activity, both in real-time and historically.

Service Provider Portal
Empower your service providers to add and manage information about their organizations and members by inviting them to use your Service Provider Portal. This will ensure records are accurate, timely, and easily updated (without the need for a middleman). It also means that your employees’ time is not spent constantly updating these records making your organization more productive.

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8. Triggers

Triggers help strengthen your security and Health & Safety policies through automated messaging and notifications when specific events occur. Triggers allow you to set-up events that may include one or more rules, which run when an event occurs. If all the rules match, then the assigned action(s) will be triggered. For example, you might set-up a Trigger for an automated email and SMS to send to security personnel when someone signs in after hours.

The Watchlist feature within the Triggers Add-on allows you to automatically check visitors entered into the system against internally generated “lists” and alert nominated people of their presence. Your lists could be anything from national persons of interest to competitors to VIPs.

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9. WolEvac

WolEvac is your evacuation management tool for mobile devices. It is available for all smartphones as it runs through the phone’s browser rather than a native app.

WolEvac users would normally be those employees who are safety marshals, or fire or floor wardens in a location. They can collaborate with each other to verify they have cleared their zones or areas, and then verify the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors once in the assembly area. Using the app, they can:

  1. Track that Zones are cleared
  2. Send SMS/Text asking ‘Are you safe?’
  3. Perform a manual roll-call
  4. Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  5. View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  6. View real-time verification progress
  7. View post evacuation reports

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10. WolPass

WolPass enables your users (employees) to send pre-registered visitors an email confirmation. This includes date, time and location of the event, directions and a Google map of the address, parking tips, Wi-Fi availability and much more all in one convenient email.

To improve the visitor experience you can also add Neighborhood Tips to your WolPass template. You can provide customized information and recommendations, such as where to grab a coffee, the local taxi company, nearby accommodation and more.

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