How companies are using WhosOnLocation to achieve touchless entry. 


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May 07, 2020

Updated May 2020

As the business world starts looking towards life after lockdown, there are many questions circling people’s minds including is it possible to have a touchless guest and employee sign in/out solution? 

Businesses are becoming more aware of the need to create a hygienic environment for everyone on-site. Prior to COVID-19, it was common to sign in/out of workplaces via a kiosk. The kiosk was generally made up of a desktop and keyboard or iPad/tablet. 

To sign in, the guest types their details into the kiosk, on average touching the screen or keyboard 35 times. That’s 35 opportunities to spread germs, potentially picking up germs from a previous guest as well as leaving their own behind. Next, they open the door and finally greet the person they are visiting, with a handshake. In this new world of social distancing and the need for very high hygiene standards, this is a less than ideal scenario. 

A solution to reduce the need for guests to touch your kiosk for sign in/out is using a touchless visitor management solution. Touchless technology isn’t new, it’s been around for over 40 years. We may not be aware of it but many of us already use touchless in our day to day lives. Some examples of touchless technology are Siri on your iPhone, automatic faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers in public bathrooms.  

Why do we need touchless entry? 

Touchless entry enables your workplace to create a seamless entry and exit procedures without exposing your employees and guests to unnecessary germs. In addition to this it also: 

Create a hygienic sign in/out experience

The practicality of cleaning a kiosk between each guest in a busy workplace will not only be inconvenient but the risk of it not taking place or not being cleaned properly is high. Removing the need to touch the kiosk ensures you can maintain hygiene standards, limit guest and employee interaction with your kiosk, and potential germs on its surface creating a safe sign in process. 

Quicker sign in/out

Combining touchless entry with pre-registration creates a fast, convenient, and simple sign in process. 


By pre-registering guests, you ensure their information is already captured and is accurate. Giving you an accurate and up to date audit trail of who was on site when and who they were visiting. 

Touchless with WhosOnLocation

We currently have a number of ways to achieve touchless sign in for pre-registered visitors, employees and service providers.


Touchless kiosk sign in for walk-in visitors is coming soon. In the meantime, we offer the following options:


WolPass has always been a great way to prepare visitors for meetings ahead of time, but with a few tweaks, we’ve made it even more useful as a touchless sign in method. Pre-registered guests can receive a WolPass email confirming the details of their visit, and any other information you might want to add (directions, car parking instructions, the nearest cafe etc). But here’s the smart part – a WolPass can also include a QR or barcode that can be scanned at the kiosk for completely touchless sign in, provided you’re using an external scanner.  

Top tip: Use our calendar integration to make WolPass even smarter. Employees can send calendar invitations to external guests to automatically pre-register them to come on-site, and trigger a WolPass email. 

/out manager 

What about visitors who haven’t been pre-registered? Don’t forget, your front of house team is able to sign in visitors (and employees / service providers for that matter) using the WhosOnLocation web app.

Employees and service providers

Aside from using the sign-in/out manager, there are a number of other ways to go touchless with WhosOnLocation for employees / service providers. 


Employees and service providers can sign in on their own smartphones through the WolMobile app. It’s so touchless in fact, they can use the auto sign-in/out feature to update their on-site status based on their smartphone’s geolocation. They can even sign in for work remotely, and send their location to safety operators when working at-risk.


Issue your employees / service providers with tokens and they’ll be able to scan themselves as on-site at the kiosk without touching the screen, provided you have attached an external scanner. Similarly, if you’re using access control points, you can link your WhosOnLocation account through our API, to automatically update employees’ and service providers’ on-site status as they enter and leave.

Brivo Onair

Using Brivo as your access control provider? Through our native integration, employees and service providers can use the Brivo Onair app to unlock doors / turnstiles / barriers and automatically update their on-site status in WhosOnLocation. 

Ready to get started?

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