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How to keep your people safe while working from home

Posted by:Sophia Hickman onApril 7, 2020

COVID-19 has completely taken over our lives. Non-essential businesses are closed, airplanes are grounded, and what seems like the whole world has been forced into isolation. It’s now more important than ever to make sure our employees are safe during these unpredictable times. 

Isolation could be our reality for at least a month, if not more, so we need to make sure we have the correct systems in place to get us through these unusual and uncertain times. Organizations need to be able to monitor the safety of their employees, even if they are not working at one of their primary locations. This is where we come in, helping you ensure everyone is safe.

Learn how we can keep your organization safe.

Utilize WhosOnLocation features

For some of us, work is still a possibility, but this does come with its challenges. Employees working from home (WFH) and remote workers such as maintenance technicians or social workers performing house-calls are still under the duty of care of their employer. Therefore as an employer, you still have the responsibility to keep them safe. This is why monitoring and accounting for all workers is essential to keep organizations safe and secure. 

Here are some ways you can utilize your WhosOnLocation subscription to keep those in your duty of care safe:

Gain visibility of your employees 

WolMobile enables your employees to sign in to work while working remotely. Employees are given the option to select working remotely. This will give you visibility of those employees who are actually working and therefore still in your duty of care. You can also set up specific acknowledgement notices or triggers that these employees will see when they sign in and can communicate with them by sending Instant Messages to ‘everyone working remotely’ in-app.

Recurring reminders for employees 

Now that businesses are working from home, we need to ensure that our employees are able to stay focused and productive throughout the working day, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As employees can no longer interact with colleagues in their usual office situation, it is difficult for them to communicate and collaborate. This includes the small everyday things, such as taking micro-breaks or stepping outside for some fresh air.

With WhosOnLocation, you can use your free trigger add-on to set up recurring best practice reminders for employees working from home. These reminders can be anything from home office posture tips to ways to best manage online meetings. This feature enables you to define the Trigger Event, add one or many Trigger Rules that must be met, and set your Trigger Actions, which includes defining recipients to receive an email and/or an SMS (text) message. 

Manage crisis event notices and keep your employees updated

It is important to have an emergency management plan in place no matter where your employees are working. WhosOnLocation makes it easy to update people in your duty of care with the information they need to keep safe. By using Instant Messages sent as either email, SMS, or push notifications, you can inform your employees of the crisis at hand. The Instant Message can include what your immediate response is going to be, where they will be able to find the latest information, how often your organization will provide updates, and remind them of your crisis management operating procedures.

While Google, Gmail, and Outlook support ‘scheduling of emails’, it is difficult for an organization to audit who received it, when and how many times it was sent, and, more importantly, easily define the audience of the email. For example, if you wanted to send an email to a specific group of people such as ‘Employees not on-site,’ or ‘Employees in the Marketing team’ at a particular date and time, you won’t be able to achieve this using regular email programs. This is why setting up Instant Messages within your app is necessary for these specific criteria. 

Your office is in lockout 

If an employee enters your facility while it is in a lockout, then this can create a health and safety risk for your organization. In essence, this employee is placing themselves at risk if they have an accident while on-site alone. Set up an alert that is triggered if an employee enters your organization during a lockout.

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These features are all included within your current WhosOnLocation subscription, regardless of your plan.


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Wellness Checks on employees 

Check-in on your employee’s safety by setting up automated Wellness Checks within the WolMobile app. Some employees may be working alone or in a dangerous situation for an extended period. Being able to perform automatic checks to ensure that these workers are still OK and notify designated responders if they are not, increases safety, peace-of-mind, and reduces administrative burdens.

This feature will send all employees, or only those who are working from home or remotely, a Wellness Check every X hours or at a specified time each day. This automated prompt will ask, ‘are you safe?’. The employee can either tap ‘yes’ to notify admin that all is well, or tap ‘no’ to send an alert.

Employees that fail to respond to your Wellness Check

What if the employee is unable to or forgets to respond to the Wellness Check? Account for everyone by setting up an alert to inform the person responsible that the said employee has yet to respond, so they know to check in with them. 


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