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  •      Work in a high security or hazard industry?
  •      Need to know who is authorized to be on-site at anyone time?
  •      Manage and alert others to health & safety issues or high-hazard areas?

If one or all of these statements apply to your business or role within the organization, you need to try WhosOnLocation today.

With WhosOnLocation you can manage your people, contractors, visitors, compliance, inductions and evacuations for your organization.

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What our clients say

“Staff find it easy to sign in. The pre-registering of visitors for winery tours is a great tool. It meets our Health and Safety compliance requirements.”

Andree Piddington – Giesen Wines

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WhosOnLocation is the people presence software of choice for organizations like yours.

Don’t take our word for it, take a free 30 day trial today, or book a demo with one of our team.

With WhosOnLocation you can easily manage:


Gain an accurate evacuation list of all people on-site, not just visitors.

Verify the safety of people during an evacuation using the WolEvac mobile app.


Pre-register visitors for fast registration when onsite.

Hazard warnings

Present employees, visitors and contractors with a list of hazards to read, understand and acknowledge.

Access Rights

Set access right for employees, contractors and visitors, ensuring they only visit areas/building they are authorised to.

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