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Meet the WOL team – Will – Developer

Posted by:Marketing onNovember 30, 2016

What does Will do here?

Will is a developer in the WhosOnLocation tech team.

He’s spent the last few months working on ‘On. Guard’, our new generation app (and update to SiteGuard) that lets security guards and mobile operators sign people in and out of a site on a mobile device.

The android app will come first followed by iOS. We’re pretty excited about it!

Where did Will come from?

Will came to the WOL team 2 weeks after finishing his post-grad studies in Computer Science at Waikato University.

Before that he was hiking all over his home country of China, so his family is used to him being away (he stays in touch with them though :).

So what does Will think of NZ?

A massively hard worker, in his downtime Will likes to get out and explore.

He reckons NZ is the best environment he’s ever seen and that it gives one a feeling of peace and serenity.

Apparently coding in the West is a bit different than coding in the East, and so is the culture.

We often have interesting chats about what some of our words and sayings mean from a Chinese perspective.

Will has noticed some odd things about NZ such as people not wearing shoes, even in the winter, and the fact that (not so oddly) Kiwi’s are friendly, helpful and welcoming.

What does Will love about being part of the WOL family?

That he can be himself and fully focus on what he’s doing without worry or pressure from co-workers.

He loves that we actually do work as a team and support each other no matter what.

He also loves how many great laughs are had in the office.


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