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How much time do you spend updating contractor information?

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At WhosOnLocation, we recognised that one of the inefficiencies of visitor management systems (whether it’s physical or on a computer) is the time employees spend managing and updating service provider information.

No matter how on-the-ball your staff members, it’s impossible for them to know when service providers change any of their information, meaning information will never be 100% accurate.

The WhosOnLocation Service Provider Portal provides a solution for this.

The Service Provider Portal gives you the ability to empower your service providers to add and manage information about their own organizations and members. This information includes contact information, insurance policies, role types, and more.

Giving your service providers this ability means that they can maintain the records for their own organization and its members. It ensures records are accurate, timely, and easily updated (without the need for a middle man).

It also allows you to free up time and resources better spent elsewhere, boosting your employees’ productivity and ultimately saving your business money.

WhosOnLocation Contractor Portal

How it works for you:

Your Service Provider Portal is just that, yours. It is fully customizable regarding who has access to what areas of information, and is completely unique to your organization.
You nominate what information your service providers can see, what they can edit, and what is entirely hidden from them.

You create your own personalized Terms of Use that a service provider must agree to before they can use your portal.

And you choose which service providers have access to your portal.

How it works for service providers:

The service providers that you choose to access your Service Provider Portal will receive an email inviting them to create their password and log in.

The first time a service provider signs into your Service Provider Portal, they will be presented with your Terms of Use. They must agree to these terms before they can use your portal.

Once agreed, they will be able to see and edit any information made available by you in your settings and any changes they make will be instantly reflected in your WhosOnLocation account.

The Service Provider Portal is part of all WhosOnLocation plans. To try out the Service Provider Portal, sign up for a free trial for WhosOnLocation today.

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