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August 2, 2017 0

New Features: July 2017

Posted by:Alice Cresswell onAugust 2, 2017

New Watchlist Feature and Triggers

We have added a new ‘watchlist’ feature inside Triggers. Whether someone is a banned visitor, VIP, a competitor, a key supplier or another person you want to track, you can create different watchlists for different purposes.

Set up a trigger to fire when a person on one of your watchlists signs in. You can also set up trigger rules to fire when certain conditions are met, for example, if the email address contains “@company.

Your trigger can be an email or SMS to notify the relevant people or it can simply deny the visitor access at sign-in – the choice is yours.

Try Watchlists now with a free trial of WhosOnLocation.

Further releases and updates

‘Notes’ update
You can now upload documents against service provider members and organizations.

Pre-registration update
You can now record the answers to a wider range of basic questions when pre-registering a visitor.

Asset report update
“Overdue” is now included as a status in the Asset Report when exported.

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