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Do you give your people the knowledge they need to stay safe on-site?

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Does your health and safety start at the gate? Do you let everyone know about on-site risks and hazards? Do you give your people every chance to take steps to stay safe?

There were nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private sector in the U.S. in 2014. How many of those incidents could have been avoided if people had been notified of what the on-site risks and hazards were?  And what if they were shown ways to reduce or avoid those risks and hazards?

If there was an easy way to let your site employees, contractors, and visitors know what could hurt them, from the time they sign-in to the time they leave, would you implement it?

Water Hazard Warning

Research from Safe Work Australia showed a disconnection between worker:

  • Risk awareness
  • Perception of risk
  • Assessment of personal health and safety knowledge
  • Actual health and safety practices

Alerting people to site risks and hazards is critical for them to be able to follow appropriate health and safety procedures. The more chances you give your visitors, employees, and contractors to take responsibility for their own health and safety, the safer your site will be.

Think about someone signing on-site:

  1. Employees – are everyday risks and hazards in the top of their mind when they sign-in on their way to get a much needed morning coffee?
  2. Visitors – would a visitor in for a meeting know that the 5th floor carpets are being pulled up that day and there are nails loose?
  3. Contractors – would a busy concrete pourer trying to get their first job of the day done have thoroughly read the hazard sheet you emailed them yesterday?

Visitor management systems can make every business a safer place to be, from the gate.

WhosOnLocation is an employee, visitor, and contractor management system that is easy to use and customize. WhosOnLocation can let you give risks and hazards information to anyone who needs to know when they need to know:

  1. Employees – let your employees know about the maintenance work that is going on for 2-months in the room next to their kitchen, or send them a notification if the elevators suddenly break.On-site risks and hazards notifications - at sign-in kiosk
  2. Visitors – tell your visitors about the fire drill that is happening while they are on-site, then send them a notification when it happens, to make sure they are counted for and safe in the evacuation.

On-site risks and hazards notifications - visitor to site alert.

3. Contractors – Tell your contractors about the heavy traffic on-site today at the sign-in kiosk. Send alerts to their cell phones as a reminder, or if the situation changes. Make sure all notifications have been acknowledged and have an easy to access record of that.

On-site risks and hazards notifications - heavy traffic on-site today

Give the people whose safety you are responsible for the knowledge and tools they need to manage their own safety. Using WhosOnLocation your visitors, employees, and contractors can know about on-site risks and hazards from when they sign-in, and until they sign out of a site. If your people know what may cause them harm, they will have the power to reduce their chance of experiencing a work-related injury or illness.

Try WhosOnLocation today and give everyone at your workplace the best chance to stay safe on-site.

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