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September 21, 2016 0

Love your people? Keep them safe with Photo Capture

Posted by:Marketing onSeptember 21, 2016

Love your property too? Use Photo Capture to keep it secure.

Can you dramatically improve the security and safety of your people, IP and assets with one simple step?  YES you can! How? By using WhosOnLocation’s Photo Capture to take photos of your guests when they sign into your location.

Capturing the details of people visiting your organization makes sense. Most businesses do it in one way or another whether by a simple paper sign-in log book, or a top level identification verified access control system.

Asking for visitor details like their name, phone number, and email address is an easy way to lift a building’s security level. It also makes sense to capture a photo of your guests, here’s why:


It also makes sense to capture a photo of your guests too, here’s why:

  1. The mere act of taking someone’s photo can act as a natural security barrier. A visitor will probably be much more aware of their actions with the knowledge they have had to say ‘cheese’ before they can get through the door.
  2. It guarantees you have a real ‘unfakeable’ record of who is signing in, even if the rest of their details aren’t correct. If you don’t require an ID card for sign-ins you can’t be sure the details (name, phone number, and email address) given are correct. If you take a photo you can at least have a correct visual record of that person should something go wrong.
  3. You can keep your guest’s photo on file in your WhosOnLocation account, for reference if something goes wrong, or if for any reason it is needed in the future. With Photo Capture you can have a visual record of who was in the building the day your hard drive with sensitive information went missing and find out if they were who they said they were.


Capturing a guests photo also makes the whole visiting process more convenient for you and for your visitors. See why here.


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