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Account for the movements of your employees day-to-day and in an emergency by knowing easily who is on and off-site.

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Quickly and easily verify the safety of those on-site in an emergency.

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Send pre-registered visitors an email confirming date, time, directions and many more helpful tips for their meeting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Simply click the Free Trial button, enter your details and you are away. You get to use all features and Add-ons during your trial. We provide you with awesome support when you need it.

What is a guest?

A Guest is a non-employee of your organization, they could be a visitor or contractor.

How do I work out my annual Guest sign-in number?

Easy. Think about the number of visitors and contractors you get on an average day and align this to the corresponding plan guest limits.

How do I calculate my annual Employee sign-in numbers?

Generally an employee will sign-in and out once a day and they work 220 business days a year that is 220 sign-ins.

What is a sign-in?

A sign-in is how we register an employee, visitor or contractor entry and exit from the location.

Does one sign-in and one sign-out count as one movement, or is that two movements?

Great question. One sign-in and sign-out is counted as one movement.

Does the free trial include hardware?

We do not supply hardware as part of your WhosOnLocation account. Most of our customers can start their trial using hardware they already have – this could be an iPad or a spare touch screen PC.

What hardware will I need for my trial?

Depending on how you deploy WhosOnLocation will dictate the hardware needed, the most common set-ups are:

Receptionist sign-in: Signing guests in and out via reception requires no hardware, you can do this via the reception PC. However, you may wish to issue passes so a label printer and possibly a barcode scanner will be needed.

Self sign-in: For guests to be able to self-sign-in, a kiosk will be required.

Many customers with heavy guest traffic have both a kiosk and a reception team deployed, this does not affect your subscription. We suggest you configure and deploy the best solution for you.

What features do I get with my subscription?

All Plans include the Standard Feature Set and our opt-in Add-ons. See a full feature list here.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, however, we do have overage for Plans which exceed yearly SMS credit limits. Overage is charged on an annual basis at the renewal anniversary date.

What are the local gateway provider charges?

SMS overage is charged at the following rates per SMS:

New Zealand $0.14c NZD
Australia $0.14c AUD
USA $0.05USD
Canada  $0.05CAD
UK £0.05 GBP

If your currency is not listed you will be charged in USD. Pricing excludes GST, VAT, and any other local taxes you are liable to pay.

What happens to my monthly unused SMS credit limit?

Any unused SMS balance will expire on annual renewal.

What happens with mySMS usage if I cancel my subscription before my annual anniversary?

We’d be sad to see you go. We will work out the average SMS usage for the 12 month period and if you have used more SMS than what your average monthly allocation is we will charge you for the additional SMS usage.

Do you charge for a roaming site?

Yes, we charge a minimal service fee of $5 per month for each roaming site.

What is a roaming site?

A roaming site is any ‘active’ location loaded on your account which does NOT have any people movements processed i.e. a visitor, contractor or employee. You may choose to have all your employees loaded into the site for other uses such as notifications and employees roaming between your organization’s offices.

Do you provide implementation support?

Yes, we have a number of packages available if you would like us to manage the setup of your WhosOnLocation account. Talk to our Customer Support Team for more details .

Is there a discount for multiple locations?

Yes there are discounts available if you deploy WhosOnLocation to 5 or more locations anywhere in the world – contact us for Custom Pricing.

Do you charge a setup fee?

We do not charge a setup fee as we have designed WhosOnLocation so you can easily set-up your account and optimize it for your needs yourself. However, we recognize that many of our users are busy and we offer a number of packages for WhosOnLocation to set-up your account for you.  Contact our Customer Support Team for more information.

Do I have to pay a support fee?

No, this is included in your plan.

Is there a contract?

Yes we refer to these as our Master Subscription Agreement. The term of the agreement is 12 months commencing the day after your Trial expires. You can pay monthly in advance or annually in advance. Regardless of payment frequency you can terminate your subscription with 30 Days’ written notice anytime.

What if I go above my plan?

No problem. The Plan you are initially placed on is determined by you after your 30 day free trial. It is a decision determined in good faith and the Plan you go on is based on your forecasted Guest and/or Employee sign-in count over a 12 month period.

If you go above the limits of your plan before your renewal date, we will calculate the Plan you could be on, and place you on that plan. We will send a wash-up invoice for the difference between what you paid and what you should have paid up until the breach of sign-ins.

How can I pay?

All plans can be paid on invoice by credit card or bank transfer on a monthly or annual basis. Our subscription Plans exclude VAT, and any other local taxes you are liable to pay.

Do you have any conditions for payment methods?

Yes we do have payment conditions:

When paying by Credit Card

  • If you wish to pay monthly we require payment by credit card.
  • If you wish to pay annually you can pay on invoice by credit card or, bank transfer if your account meets our bank transfer eligibility criteria.

When paying by Bank Transfer

  • We accept payment by bank transfer on invoice:
    • If your monthly or annual invoice exceeds NZD$250.00, AUD$250.00, CAD$250.00, USD$195.00, GBP£145 excluding taxes.

If your account meets the criteria and you’re interested in paying on invoice by bank transfer, please contact Customer Support – we’d be happy to help.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You can start/ stop or make changes to your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades.)

Can I change my billing period?

Yes. If you are on monthly billing and want to move to annual this can be done at your monthly renewal.

Are the Add-ons included in my trial?

Yes they are, we want to ensure you can use the full product.

I can’t see the Add-ons in my trial?

Add-ons need to be enabled by the person who registered for the trial. If you need assistance, please contact

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