Product suite

Track and manage employees, contractors, visitors, and emergencies with one integrated product suite.

Complete people presence management for your organization.

Starting with the basics, track and manage employees, contractors and visitors on-site. Have confidence that only those who meet your on-site policies are gaining entry to your workplace and stop them if they pose a risk.

The options are endless when using WhosOnLocation from guest pre-registration, contact tracing, touchless entry, occupancy management and more. Our software offers you everything from seamless entry and exit, smarter decision making to smoother evacuations.

Use one or all features to manage your employees, visitors, and contractors.


A comprehensive solution to manage everything from visitor identity, pre-registrations, touchless sign in, contact tracing, visitor policy awareness, or security alerts.
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Manage contractors' attendance, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across multiple facilities. All backed with powerful reporting and insight.
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Manage employee profiles, permissions, and presence to support your site security. Use WolMobile for an easy, no-touch sign in to track who is on and off-site and those working alone.
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Account for everyone on-site in an emergency with manual roll calls, self-verify, collaboration and insight, mustering and evacuation reports.
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This software is so easy to use and it has instantly improved our ability to monitor and control visitors and contractors on site.

David Hopkins

Quality, Enviroment, Safety and Health Manager

Integrate to bring more power

When you join your WhosOnLocation account with other business tools they become even more powerful.



Access Control Systems

Bring mustering, contractor and visitor management to your Brivo access control. Ensuring you are only granting automated access to authorized individuals and can keep track of visitors and contractors at all times. Sync this data with our mobile evacuation software so you can accurately and quickly verify an employee’s safety in an emergency.



Time & Attendance

Connect your WhosOnLocation account with Deputy and gain visibility of who is on-site in an emergency. Track employee’s starting and ending their shifts and sync this data with our mobile evacuation software so you can accurately and quickly verify an employee’s safety in an emergency.

Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business

Virtual assistant

Integrate your WhosOnLocation account with Alexa for Business and give your front of house team a virtual assistant. Announce anything from a visitor arrival to a contractor qualification expiry.

Active Directory (on Premesis)

Active Directory (on Premises)

Directory Services

Sync your Active Directory users to WhosOnLocation



Use webhooks to transfer data in real time. Update your systems instantly, as soon as someone signs in or out of your organization and connect WhosOnLocation to a huge range of third-party apps through Zapier.


Data Accuracy

Keep your employee information up to date and accurate. Use SyncPortal to sync your employee data with WhosOnLocation.