List of questions for visitor management solution

Read this before you choose visitor sign in software


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February 16, 2017

There are lots of questions you will need answers to before you pick the visitor sign-in software that’s right for your organization.

We make visitor sign in software and are always asked the obvious questions such as:

  • Can I print visitor badges?
  • Will I be able to pre-register visitors?
  • Can hosts be sent an SMS or email when their visitor arrives?
  • Do you provide an API?
  • Is there customer support available?
  • Do you support Active Directory (AD)?
  • Can visitors sign themselves in at an unattended kiosk?
  • Can different teams (security, reception, lobby etc) manage visitor traffic?
  • What are the reporting functions?

These questions are all valid and should be clearly answered before any choices are made. In fact, the answer to all of the above questions should yes, even by an absolutely basic level visitor management system. If a product doesn’t deliver on those questions it’s not worth considering.

We have another list questions we tend to end up asking people interested in our product… These are not as obvious as the standard questions. Lots of our potential customers are surprised they didn’t think of them earlier and are thankful we asked.

If you are considering which visitor sign-in software to use, have a look at this checklist of questions to make sure you will choose the right product with the right capabilities for your organization.

  1. Will you require different workflows sign-in processes for visitors, employees, and contractors?

  2. Do you need to pre-register visitors?

  3. Do you want to send pre-registered visitors an automated email with information like your address, parking instructions, and evacuation procedures?

  4. Will you need to deny access to visitors who aren’t pre-registered?

  5. Will your sign-in kiosks be manned or self-service?

  6. Should your self-service kiosks be able to be set to make any non-approved visitors wait until someone can come to meet them?

  7. Do you want to set-up a red flag to be sent to a nominated person (e.g. security) when an unauthorized person has tried to sign-in?

  8. Do you want to automatically pre-issue visitors or contractors with a QR code or barcode, to speed up the sign-in process at peak times?

  9. Will you need multiple kiosks?

  10. Where will your kiosks be located?

  11. Should your kiosks reflect your organization’s brand identity?

  12. Do you want specific warnings, instructions, or conditional questions to be presented to a visitor on a trigger? (Say if you are a food manufacturer following GMP and a visitor answers ‘YES’ to having visited a farm in the last 30 days or ‘NO’ to a request to wear a hairnet at all times, do you want to instruct them to report to the Health & Safety Manager?)

  13. Do you need to bring any red flags to the attention of their host, and/or any specific people in your security or Health & Safety team?

  14. Will you ask all visitors the same set of questions every time they sign-in or will you only ask certain questions on the first visit and then make rules for when you have to ask again?

  15. If your building or facility has different ‘zones’ do you need people to register their entry and departure from some or all of those zones?

  16. If someone is signing into a specific zone will they need to state their purpose and/or estimated time in that zone?

  17. Do you need to put time limits on when people should have signed out by and set up alerts to go out if they haven’t signed out by that time? For example, if someone signs into a temperature controlled environment do you need to be alerted if they haven’t signed out after x minutes.

  18. When you have a hazard on-site, do you want to alert anyone signing in of that hazard?

  19. Do you need a record of that hazard acknowledgment?

  20. Do you want to be able to send hazard alerts to everyone currently on site?

  21. Do you need to know if a visitor or contractor on-site is ‘working alone’?

  22. If someone is working alone on-site do you need to be able to provide conditional (e.g. if they have not signed out by x time) well-being checks?

  23. Is it useful to know what the total number of people on-site at any time is in the case of a capacity breach?

  24. If you are deploying your visitor management system at multiple locations, would it be useful to have an overarching dashboard showing key metrics in real time for each location?

  25. Do you want to know if there is someone who is the only person at a location to alert say your security team of that fact?

  26. Do you want to be able to advise the only person on-site to turn off the lights or set the alarm on sign-out?

  27. Would it be useful to know if a contractor or their employer’s insurances or qualifications have lapsed before they are allowed on-site?

  28. Do you want to be able to make and run induction courses from your visitor sign-in software?

  29. Do you need to track assets (car keys, hi-viz etc) lent out and have an alert triggered if they aren’t returned?

  30. If you issue temporary access control cards would it be useful to track that card and movements in you visitor management system?

There are many more questions to consider when making the call of which visitor sign in software is going right for your organization and many products from which to choose from.

We hope you’ll consider some if not all of these questions before you make your choice.

And of course sign-up for a 30-day free trial of WhosOnLocation to see how our visitor sign in software can answer YES to all of your requirements.