Success stories

meridean energy windfarm

Meridian Energy
Contractor management

Meridian Energy is Australasia’s largest wind generation company. Read why they needed to introduce an electronic visitor and contractor management system  and why they chose WhosOnLocation.

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Oceania Dairy
Employee attendance

Oceania Dairy Ltd is a large manufacturer who needed a capable cloud-based, employee and visitor management system, to replace their paper log books. Read about why they chose WhosOnLocation and how they use our software for employee and visitor attendance.

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Oceania Dairy Safe worker
Giesen Vineyard

Giesen Wines
Evacuation management

Giesen Wines, a large wine producer, wanted a system for staff sign-ins and evacuation management that could replace their paper sign-in book. Using WhosOnLocation Giesen can now make sure employees, visitors, and contractors at their sites are safe, secure, and can be accounted for during any emergency evacuation.

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Z Energy
Visitor management

Z Energy supply fuel to retail and large commercial customers. Given the high number of visitors they get at their three large corporate offices, Z Energy needed a visitor management solution that would help their receptionists sign multiple people in quickly. Read why they chose WhosOnLocation.

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Z energy service station

Employee attendance

Sandvine – Intelligent Broadband Networks needed an efficient cloud-based employee and visitor management system, to replace their paper sign-in sheet managed by their receptionist.

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Schneider Electric
Visitor management

Schneider Eletric was looking for a new security badge provider when a new visitor management process was suggested to them.

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Carlisle Area School District
Visitor Management

The Carlisle Area School District is a midsized public school district. They needed a solution to replace their paper-sign in sheets at their schools and administration buildings. They wanted to find a solution to problems they had been having of visitor’s privacy (current visitors could see others in their paper sign-in book) and illegible writing in their current pen and paper system.

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Contractor Management

ZACPAC were using paper-sign in books and a paper based induction program at their packaging facilities. This made contractor management in particular very difficult. They needed to find a system that wasn’t time consuming to set-up or maintain, which could manage contractors, visitors and employees at their facilities.

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zacpac exhibition display

Saint Kentigern College
Visitor Management

Saint Kentigern College was managing visitors and contractors coming on-site with a paper sign-in book. Often contractors and regular visitors weren’t remembering to use the paper book. This meant staff couldn’t know who was on-site or who had been visiting on any given day.

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Children’s Medical Research Institute
Visitor Management

The paper-based visitor management and badging system at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) was creating too much paperwork. It was also taking too much of reception and facilities staff time to run, particularly when service providers were returning to the site. The CMRI also needed a safe and secure way for staff to sign-in to the premises after hours.

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Cyber Security Threat

Better safety and security

Information security and physical security breaches are becoming a common threat to businesses. Organizations are also facing an ever-growing list of compliance regulations and obligations. Read how to take a risk-based approach in order to protect your people, assets, data and intellectual property.

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Key insights

Knowing who is on-site is a matter of compliance as well as good practice for managing evacuations in an emergency. Having a guest book, guest sheet, or a PC-based guest label printer doesn’t mean you’re compliant or will know your people are safe and accounted for during an emergency. Read key insights to consider when looking for a people management solution.
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Evacuation Management Supervisor
Getting the internal buy-in

Internal Buy-In

WhosOnLocation has evolved into the most comprehensive web-based visitor management solution in the world today. It is also the most cost effective. We deliver a feature-rich, integrated set of reception, security, evacuation, and contractor tools. Get all the facts you need to implement a visitor management system at your organization in this whitepaper.

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Electronic visitor management

WhosOnLocation conducted a study on reception management practices. Read what electronic visitor management means for reception or front-of-house productivity and see how organizations use visitor management software to meet key business objectives.

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Visitor Management Kiosk

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