Managing a safe return to your workplace

As lockdown eases around the globe and organization’s start to welcome people back to their place of work. They are faced with plenty of new safety protocols involving strict personal hygiene and physical distancing.

WhosOnLocation can help you manage the transition in a simple and safe way.

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Visitor Management

Contractor Management

Employee Management

Evacuation Management

Privacy Policy.*

Contact trace

If someone becomes unwell report on who was on-site, in close proximity, and if a guest was hosted.

Touchless sign in

Create a hygienic, simple, and fast entry and exit procedure. Protecting employees and guests.

Health screening

Identify those who pose a risk - customize the questions you ask employees, service providers and visitors as they sign in.

Denying access

Deny access for guests and employees for everything from not meeting onsite rules to expired inductions.

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Outlining the key considerations as you transition back to your workplace. What you need to discuss and plan as you go back to a more regular working environment and what this means for your employees, visitors, and service providers.

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