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Site induction series – 1. Save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions


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March 19, 2017

Health and Safety inductions can be a real drain on time and resources for those doing the inductions and those organizing them.

Are you a Health and Safety Manager or someone involved with the coordination of site inductions?

Do you want to save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions.

If so, you should move them online.

Inducting people coming on-site with hardcopy information, at the time they show up to your location, is no longer industry best practice.

By moving inductions online and implementing eLearning you can save unnecessary hassle, hours of admin time and money

You can also save your contractors, service providers, suppliers and anyone visiting your sites unnecessary hassle and time too.

How eLearning can help you:

Way less paperwork

Minimal paperwork means maximum office space – you won’t have to store all of your induction records in the bug inductions folders. When you move your inductions online (after the initial set-up where you upload your old induction documents) the induction section will pretty much be paper-free.

Way more free time

When inductions are online you can send them to your inductees ahead of time instead of having to set contractors up in the office to run through general Health and Safety inductions. You could email specific inductions and make sure people have already completed them before they reach your sign-in area. If you have parts of your Health and Safety inductions or policy you need to demonstrate or refer to in person you can always have a follow-up induction set-up online waiting for you to do at the sign-in gate.

Automating your Health and Safety inductions will also keep your contractors, suppliers and service providers happy by saving them loads of time too. If you’re sending an induction ahead of time they can do it at a time that suits them.

Much less confusion

When contractors and visitors are filling out paper-based forms or inductions it often means dealing with illegible handwriting. Give yourself or your admin team a break,  set-up your Health and Safety inductions online and let the software weed out any illegible or unclear details or answers.

No more unnecessary costs

How much money does your organization spend on printing induction related booklets and forms? You can minimize the amount of printing you need to do if you move inductions online, and you’ll be able to save money on related stationary, like those big folders and filing boxes with all the historical induction records.

Much less stress

Do you ever stress about not being covered if something goes wrong on-site. What if an emergency plumber has to fix a leaking pipe in your factory over the weekend and there wasn’t any time to do a proper induction? Perhaps there wasn’t even anyone to find the induction booklets? If your inductions were online you could have already made sure a list of plumbing contractors had been inducted online.

Most online induction programs let users set memos for when your contractors need to refresh their inductions or ‘triggers’ for if someone fails an induction or if someone with an out of date induction record is trying to sign-in to a location.

Generally better inductions

When your inductions are online you can add things like videos or pop-up quizzes letting you cater better to different learning styles, allow for people to learn at different speeds, and easily keep your content up-to-date.

More backup

Auditors or Health and Safety inspectors keeping you up at night? What about if something happens on-site and you can’t prove everything practicable and reasonable (i.e. inductions) was done in the lead up to the accident?

Don’t stress out about that, if your system is online you can easily share the reports or key induction data with an auditor, or get to the bottom of who was on site, why, when and how they were inducted if there are any incidents.

Much more control

Are you managing inductions for more than one location? And/or do you ever need to share induction modules or induction reporting within your organization? You can share information and access easily if you are inducting online.   or you need to share induction modules within your organization you can do this easily when the inductions are online.

You can also control who needs to do what inductions when. For example, using WhosOnLocation you can set rules for who needs to do what inductions and when those inductions are expired. So if you have a plumber servicing one location who’s been fully inducted with your general Health and Safety policies and procedures, when that plumber visits a new site you can see he’s already completed and passed the general induction and set a rule that they will only have to do the site-specific module before he enters to do his work.