Suggested hardware

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Suggested Hardware

Depending on your operational requirements you might need one of the following items of hardware or a mix of them.

We don’t supply hardware but we’ve provided a list of international and local suppliers. We believe you’ll receive the very best service and support for your hardware directly from the manufacturer or their approved supplier.

The best user experience is when the kiosk is Touch Screen. We do also support non-touch. The application works best with the following specifications:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 8+, Mac OS X & iOS 10+ via the WolKiosk app
  • Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi & Ethernet
Browser access to your account
Employee user access1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Printing guest passes2 Yes No Yes No No

Employees can access WOL to pre-register visitors and access their user roles.
Devices used to print passes are either kiosks (self sign-in) or location manager PCs. Internet Explorer version must be IE 9+.


Desktops and Laptops


Our users have a range of Windows and Mac based setups using the following brands: HP®, Lenovo®, Toshiba®, Dell®, Acer®, Apple®, Samsung®, and many others. The best user experience is when the kiosk is Touch Screen. We do also support non-touch.
Our recommendation is an HP All-in-One Touch PC.

Global - Hewlett Packard | Lenovo | Toshiba | Dell | Apple | Acer | Samsung

Tablets and iPads


We support Windows Surface Pro using IE in desktop mode or an iPad using the WolKiosk app that can be downloaded from the Apple app store.

You can print from both devices. However, the iPad will only print to a Brother Label Printer. Our recommendation is that the iPad has both Wi-Fi and cellular functionality to cater for poor Wi-Fi strength.

Global - Microsoft | Apple

Custom Kiosks


There are a number of providers of custom kiosks designed to reflect your organization’s brand and the overall visitor experience. Here are some samples:

USA - Zivelo | I and E Company | Olea
New Zealand - iView
Australia - IQ Kiosks | ITV
United Kingdom - KiosksforBusiness | K6 Design Group


Dymo LabelWriters™

These Dymo LabelWriters — LabelWriter 450, LabelWriter 450 Turbo, LabelWriter 450 Duo, andLabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo — give a consistent and clear print for your guest passes. The Dymo label codes vary depending on the country of origin and our application supports 99014/30323 and 99015. You can also use any of the above models to print the self-expiring TEMPbadge range.

Global - Dymo
USA - TEMPbadge ID
New Zealand - OfficeMax | Staples | Warehouse Stationery | New Zealand Office Supplies

Brother™ Professional Label Printers

These Brother Label Printers — QL-500, QL-700, QL-710 QL-720NW and QL-820NWB have a built-in automatic cutter and give a consistent and clear print for your guest passes. The QL-720NW and QL-820NWB are the only printers to print directly from an iPad using the WolKiosk app. A list of supported labels is available here.

Global - Brother

TEMPbadge® Printer

The TEMPbadge® BP4 Desktop Printer is perfect for printing guest badges and supports the self-expiring TEMPbadge range. It includes standard USB 2.0, serial port and Ethernet connections as well as label dispenser and cutter.

Global - TEMPbadge ID


Motorola/Zebra Scanner

For use on a range of Windows and Mac devices using USB. The Motorola/Zebra DS9208 Scanner with hands-free operation is fast, reliable and easy-to-use.

Global - Zebra | partners

New Zealand - RBS Limited

Socket Mobile Scanner

Certified by Apple® for the iPad. The Socket CHS 7Qi is a high-performance 2D and 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner. Small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. The CHS 7Qi can scan barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens.

Another model is available – the Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci which is ideal for receptionists as this is hand held and unable to be placed into Presentation Mode.

The CHS 7Qi with the Socket Mobile QX Stand (sold separately) comes with added intelligence which lets you take full advantage of it in Presentation Mode or “Grab & Go” feature for scanning people in and out of your locations quickly.

Global - Socket Mobile or partners and resellers
New Zealand - BMobile

RFID Readers

Card Readers

Designed for ease-of-use, the OMNIKEY® 5025CL and 5022 readers works with existing low frequency physical access control cards such as HID Prox®, enabling smooth implementation of logical access applications using ID cards.
The 5025CL and 5022 readers ensures greater stability, durability and compliance and can be used as a replacement to the existing OMNIKEY 5325 CL family*. The solution provides full CCID support and allows the usage in PC, as well as thin- and zero-client environments.
The reader’s pocket size and modern, stylish color options allow for seamless integration into different corporate environments, including offices and production floor areas.

Global - HID Global | partners


Stands and Cases


Looking for a secure tablet enclosure for your kiosk solution? These companies have a range of products that may suit your requirements.

Global - Bouncepad | Hecklerdesign | Armodilo
New Zealand - Leading Solutions

Mobile Devices

WolGuard - CipherLab RS31 & RS50

The CipherLab RS31 & RS50 are smartphone-like touch mobile computers precisely designed to meet the demands of mobile workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing, in conjunction with our WolGuard app.

Global - Cipherlab

Customer Support

24/7 support is available from your friendly customer care team. Better yet, this is included in your annual license with no extra online service fees.

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As a cloud-based solution there is no software to download. Simply log on from any browser; allowing you to deploy and manage multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

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