Use WhosOnLocation to help your organization manage COVID-19

Posted by:Bridie Kruck

Download our handy checklist here. Get the full set-up instructions in our Help Centre. Updated May 1, 2020 Since January 2020 those on the frontline have been working tirelessly to help combat COVID-19, we would like to express our thanks to all involved for their tireless work.  Here at WhosOnLocation we live and breathe keeping…

Why you don’t need an army to maintain hundreds of contractor records

Posted by:Marketing

Do you manage hundreds, or even thousands, of contractor and vendor records? Have you ever woken up feeling like it’s Groundhog Day? When you’re exhausted and feel like you’re running in molasses? That feeling of futility is inevitable when trying to maintain accurate and timely contractor information. Historically, there wasn’t much of a problem keeping…

How much time do you spend updating contractor information?

Posted by:Marketing

At WhosOnLocation, we recognised that one of the inefficiencies of visitor management systems (whether it’s physical or on a computer) is the time employees spend managing and updating service provider information. No matter how on-the-ball your staff members, it’s impossible for them to know when service providers change any of their information, meaning information will…

Know your regulatory obligations? Automation will help!

Posted by:Marketing

Automation is in many of our simple daily tasks. Think about an average day, the smallest of tasks are automated; your alarm clock waking you up, the steaming hot coffee waiting for you in your kitchen, the app on your phone you use to pay for your public transport, and our Apple pay app that…

Site induction series – 2. Why you should run your inductions off-site

Posted by:Marketing

When you induct new or returning employees, contractors and visitors do you always run the induction on-site, or do you give the inductee the option to do their learning off-site? The way you deliver your inductions will depend on various factors like the number of people being inducted, the size of your workplace and the complexity…

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