Know your regulatory obligations? Automation will help!

Posted by:Erin Brown

Automation is in many of our simple daily tasks. Think about an average day, the smallest of tasks are automated; your alarm clock waking you up, the steaming hot coffee waiting for you in your kitchen, the app on your phone you use to pay for your public transport, and our Apple pay app that…

Site induction series – 1. Save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions

Posted by:admin

Health and Safety inductions can be a real drain on time and resources for those doing the inductions and those organizing them. Are you a Health and Safety Manager or someone involved with the coordination of site inductions? Do you want to save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions. If so, you should…

Keep the Team Safe Using Geolocation Updates

Posted by:Erin Brown

Here at WhosOnLocation our crew (the WOLlys) are an international bunch, we come from New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, China, France, and the United States of America. We WoLlys love to travel, whether it’s for work (WhosOnLocation is used in 27 countries!), or just to explore. The culture at WhosOnLocation pretty close-knit so when we’re out on…

Why Contractor timesheet lies are a bad thing and cost everybody money

Posted by:Jay Thompson-Munn

The contractor-timesheet Every day millions of contractors record the amount of time spent on-site (through a contractor-timesheet), performing a task, and completing a job. Recently one of our customers explained how contractor costs reduced by over 18% after switching from a system of trust, where the contractor issued an invoice based on the time they…

Top 5 Soon to be Released WhosOnLocation Features

Posted by:Jay Thompson-Munn

WhosOnLocation’s Q2, 2015 update will be launching shortly and will offer a bevy of new features. These are my top 5 picks based on the feedback we receive through our community ‘request a feature’ forum.   1.  Service Provider Management Does your organization engage with external service providers like contractors and suppliers? Do you have…

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