Getting internal comms right at a fast-paced, high-growth, tech company

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How do you get it right? At our tech company we nail it by doing our internal comms with passion, for productivity, and to reach our potential – and @WhosOnLocation a lot of this communication is happening on #Slack. Our team operates in a high-velocity environment. Anyone familiar a high-growth tech scaleup scene will know about the huge…

WhosOnLocation visitor management software 2016 by the numbers

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Here at WhosOnLocation 2016 was definitely the busiest year yet, and we loved every minute of it! Together our team increased the safety and security of thousands of businesses, and millions of staff, visitors, service providers/contractors around the world. Our customer support team was on fire in 2016 as the compliments came in as quick…

Why the lobby will be extinct soon and other future predictions

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Recently we had the opportunity to discuss all things future with Morris Miselowski, a global, full-stack, business futurist… Morris shared his thoughts on the future, innovation, artificial intelligence, what place lobby rooms will have in times to come, and using augmented reality to improve Health & Safety training with us. Here’s what he had to…

Know where to stand with Photo Capture

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Picture this It’s a busy day at the office (as per usual!). You head down to the lobby to meet Lindsay from Acme Inc as one of the receptionists just phoned you. You get to front-of-house to find they have a lot of visitors meaning you have to ask two people “Are you Lindsay?” before…

Employing a Lone Worker? Here are 10 apps that have got your back

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Last updated: February 2020 Employees that work alone often lack the safety or backup of those around them should they face confrontation, injury, or otherwise require assistance. In many countries, the law requires employers to carefully consider and then mitigate the health and safety risks to employees working alone. Although working alone is synonymous with…

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