Manufacturing facilities: How does your visitor management system stack up?

Posted by:Alice Cresswell

Wondering if your visitor and employee management process at your manufacturing facility is up to scratch? We’ve compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of questions for you. But before you read on, how would you rate your control of visitors and employees on-site? Give your facility a score out of 10. Now that you’ve got that number…

Is your business susceptible to any of these common security breaches?

Posted by:Alice Cresswell

Having a strict visitor policy and a secure sign-in system is absolutely crucial, especially if you’re working with sensitive data (or don’t want trade secrets to be revealed)! Here are some scenarios that illustrate the danger of a poor sign-in process, and how easily security breaches can occur. Scenario #1 You have a really important…

7 Steps To Gain Internal Buy-In For Visitor Management Software

Posted by:Alice Cresswell

You have done some research and decided that implementing visitor management software would vastly improve your company’s on-site sign-in process. But now, you’re faced with the hurdles of getting the appropriate people on-board with the software. Unfortunately, many businesses are resistant to change, particularly when it comes to technology. If you’re determined to bring your contractor…

Customise your sign-in process with visitor management software

Posted by:Alice Cresswell

Which questions you ask depends on the purpose of implementing visitor management software in your business. Ask yourself: What is the key problem you are trying to solve? Are you looking to solve a reception management issue? Are you solving a wider compliance management issue? Are you solving a reporting issue? Is it a security…

Know your regulatory obligations? Automation will help!

Posted by:Erin Brown

Automation is in many of our simple daily tasks. Think about an average day, the smallest of tasks are automated; your alarm clock waking you up, the steaming hot coffee waiting for you in your kitchen, the app on your phone you use to pay for your public transport, and our Apple pay app that…

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