Read this before you choose visitor sign in software

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There are lots of questions you will need answers to before you pick the visitor sign-in software that’s right for your organization. We make visitor sign in software and are always asked the obvious questions such as: Can I print visitor badges? Will I be able to pre-register visitors? Can hosts be sent an SMS…

How On. brand is your reception area?

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A strong brand is the heart of every successful business, so is the reception area. Having a unique brand identity and reflecting that well is key to getting and keeping engaged customers and staff. Nailing branding benefits a business in lots of ways from inspiring employees to warding off competitors. There are as many examples…

Employing a Lone Worker? Here are 10 apps that have got your back

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Last updated: February 2020 Employees that work alone often lack the safety or backup of those around them should they face confrontation, injury, or otherwise require assistance. In many countries, the law requires employers to carefully consider and then mitigate the health and safety risks to employees working alone. Although working alone is synonymous with…

5 signs your visitor management system isn’t working

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Do your visitors seem calm, stressed, or confused in your lobby? Do you use 1 step or 5 steps to let staff know their visitor has arrived? Can you send alerts to your visitors when they are in the building, such as during an evacuation? Put simply, is your visitor management system delivering the basics…

Are your visitors’ first impressions the kind you want to last?

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Updated 3 July 2017 WhosOnLocation CEO Darren Whitaker-Barnett talks about how your business could make a better impression (and in turn win over clients) with visitor management software. What sort of first impression does a visitor to your organization get? Do you go out of your way to make visits quick, easy and friendly? Do…

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