Site induction series – 1. Save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions

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Health and Safety inductions can be a real drain on time and resources for those doing the inductions and those organizing them. Are you a Health and Safety Manager or someone involved with the coordination of site inductions? Do you want to save time and money on your Health and Safety inductions. If so, you should…

App Updates – induct from on-site with Induction Kiosks

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Have your visitors sign-in to your location with a QR code or Barcode, run inductions on-site from your kiosk, and much more in this week’s release. Be even more efficient with our latest updates  WhosOnLocation’s latest feature releases have been designed for you to maximize your visitor, contractor, and employee management, efficiency, and productivity. Sign-in visitors…

5 questions people forget to ask when choosing a visitor management solution

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“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science” – Albert Einstein. I love this quote from Einstein because asking questions encourages curiosity and here at WhosOnLocation we encourage our team to be curious – to explore better ways of doing…

WhosOnLocation visitor management software 2016 by the numbers

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Here at WhosOnLocation 2016 was definitely the busiest year yet, and we loved every minute of it! Together our team increased the safety and security of thousands of businesses, and millions of staff, visitors, service providers/contractors around the world. Our customer support team was on fire in 2016 as the compliments came in as quick…

How safe is your school evacuation process?

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Schools are among the safest places in a community, which they should be. We all want our children to be safe when at school, as do their teachers and other staff. The number of emergency evacuations carried out by schools (as a reaction to threats such as bomb scares) has been steadily increasing. A study…

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