Site induction series – 2. Why you should run your inductions off-site

Posted by:Erin Brown

When you induct new or returning employees, contractors and visitors do you always run the induction on-site, or do you give the inductee the option to do their learning off-site? The way you deliver your inductions will depend on various factors like the number of people being inducted, the size of your workplace and the complexity…

App Updates – induct from on-site with Induction Kiosks

Posted by:Erin Brown

Have your visitors sign-in to your location with a QR code or Barcode, run inductions on-site from your kiosk, and much more in this week’s release. Be even more efficient with our latest updates  WhosOnLocation’s latest feature releases have been designed for you to maximize your visitor, contractor, and employee management, efficiency, and productivity. Sign-in visitors…

Love your people? Keep them safe with Photo Capture

Posted by:Erin Brown

Love your property too? Use Photo Capture to keep it secure. Can you dramatically improve the security and safety of your people, IP and assets with one simple step?  YES you can! How? By using WhosOnLocation’s Photo Capture to take photos of your guests when they sign into your location. Capturing the details of people visiting…

Using custom sign-in questionnaires

Posted by:Darren Whitaker-Barnett

Custom questionnaires sign-in experience What’s new Organisations around the world are obligated to ensure people are aware of site rules, regulations and other visitor policies, as well as the procedures to follow in the event of an evacuation. With this custom sign-in questionnaires launch, we delivered the ability for you to create customised sign in questionnaires…

Why tracking Hazard Warning Acknowledgements is a must

Posted by:Jay Thompson-Munn

The cost of being prosecuted for a breach of workplace safety regulations runs far deeper than a paying a fine. Other than the obvious human cost, should any person suffer an injury or worse; there is also brand and reputation damage, a lowering in employee confidence, an unwillingness for contractors to provide services on-site, the…

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