Disgruntled guest causes danger in lobby, receptionist activates Panic Alarm

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’ABC Manufacturing’ design, develop and manufacture children’s balance bikes and scooters. Their products are known for being well-designed and manufactured at a top quality. Their customers are loyal and passionate, and some would say they have a cult following. ABC Manufacturing has a clean public safety record but had some challenges a few months ago…

5 questions people forget to ask when choosing a visitor management solution

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“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science” – Albert Einstein. I love this quote from Einstein because asking questions encourages curiosity and here at WhosOnLocation we encourage our team to be curious – to explore better ways of doing…

Read this before you choose visitor sign in software

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There are lots of questions you will need answers to before you pick the visitor sign-in software that’s right for your organization. We make visitor sign in software and are always asked the obvious questions such as: Can I print visitor badges? Will I be able to pre-register visitors? Can hosts be sent an SMS…

Telling it like it is @FounderConNZ

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I took part in an exciting event last week – the first ever FounderConNZ – a collective voice for NZ business founders. Held at the always wonderful PreFab café where owner/operator Bridget roams the floor and directs her team to ‘serve’ the troops; the scene is alive with anticipation. So, what’s the outtake from me…

Building evacuation plans – what everyone should know

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Last Updated: February 2020 At WhosOnLocation we want everyone to know that there is a safer way to do building evacuation – that is, by using the latest visitor management technology. No matter where we are in the world, there is always a risk of a natural disaster occurring at any point in time. Natural…

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